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   Chapter 4 Jeevith slipped his tongue

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Jeevith's mom asked Jeevith to show me the house and then our room. We went to his bedroom, and I felt uncomfortable to stay alone with Jeevith there.

"Netra, I am sorry for compelling you to meet my mom. I don't want to hurt mom. I have already submitted the documents required for our divorce to the lawyer."

"I know it. The lawyer informed it to me, " I said, looking at Jeevith.

"Then why did you agree to meet mom?" Jeevith asked as if he is in shock.

"Jeevith, I respect your love for your mom. But, I hated the way you degraded yourself by lying and blackmailing me into meeting your mom. However, I guess every man is of your type who does anything to accomplish his motive, " I said in frustration though I know it's just a trait of a person which has nothing to do with the gender.

"Do you think no woman belongs to that type? Netra, it's related to mentality but not to gender, " Jeevith said, stressing the word gender.

"I don't want to argue with you, Jeevith. I am leaving the house. Bye!" I said, but suddenly Jeevith held my hand.

"How dare you touch me?" I yelled at Jeevith, remembering the unforgettable past, which makes me unable to accept his touch. Jeevith left my hand immediately.

"Netra, I tried to stop you. Nothing than that. I..."

"Enough! I hate you touching me, " I said with fury eyes, while anger is evident in my words, voice, and eyes. How could I tell him that my heart still didn't recover from the past and can never accept the touch of anyone even if it's a girl? I didn't mean to be harsh to Jeevith just for holding my hand, but that was my repulsive reaction on which I have no control.

"Maybe you love the touch of only your ex PA Mr. Aryan, right?" Jeevith said, remembering the incident that wounded my heart gravely. How could Jeevith accuse my character that way without trying to know the actual reason behind my reaction?

"Does it matter to you? That's entirely my wish to allow someone to touch me and forbid others to do so. You have no right to question me, Mr. Jeevith, " I said as I became a mess of mixed emotions such as hate, pain, disgust, anger, insult, irritation, etc.

"One more thing, if a woman wants to do wrong, no one can ever stop her. But, it's her ethics that stops her from doing wrong. Mind it! The view of others about me never matters to me because I know what I am. I can't go on answering every idiot about me or my character. Netra has no time for it, and have many other works which are important than this useless work, " I said.

"Do you know something, Netra? You are different. For the first time, a girl grabbed my attention, " Jeevith said, smiling at me.

I was irritated by that time because of his words.

"But you are one among those useless idiots to me. You didn't grab my attention, and you can never do it, " I said.

"It's too late at night. I will drop you at your place, " Jeevith said without reacting to my words.

"No, thanks! I am not a girl who is scared of going out alone late at night. I usually reach my home at around 2 am completing the meeting and programs. Netra is known for courage and confidence, " I said, feeling proud about me.

I came out of the room to go, but his mom saw me in the living room.

"Are you leaving, Netra?"

"Yes, aunt!" I said.

"If you have time, I want to talk to you for five minutes, " the aunt said, and I nodde


Aunt took me to her room and locked the door of the room.

"So, when will you be sanctioned the divorce?"

"Aunt, do you know about our divorce?"

"Yes! I came here after knowing that. Netra, I won't ask you to change your decision. But, stop seeing marriage as a hurdle to your success. Marriage is a bond of love.

I am not asking you to accept my son as your husband. It should be your decision. But, I think you need someone in your life who loves, understands, cares, and respects you. I hope you will find such a person in your life, " the aunt said.

I remembered Jeevith's words about Aryan. How can I share my life with such a person? It's impossible. Jeevith doesn't trust and respects me.

"Netra, I can understand the pain of your broken heart, which hid behind your rudeness and harsh behavior. I don't know anything about your past, but still, I can see the pain in your eyes. I hope Jeevith can understand you one day.

Whatever, remember that if you ever need someone to share your pain, I am always there for you. Not as Jeevith's mom but as a friend to you, " the aunt said.

I nodded and bid bye to the aunt. I was about to start my car, but Jeevith sat in my vehicle.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, seriously.

"You may not fear to go alone at this time. But, as your husband, it's my responsibility to care for your safety. So, let me accompany you, " Jeevith said.

"Husband? Safety? If I go alone, I will be safe. If I travel with you, I need security from you. After all, you are a man, right?" I said.

"Get out of my car, Mr. Jeevith. You are not my husband, and I will never accept you as my husband, " I said seriously.

"Netra... "

"Get out of my car right now!" I shouted at him, and Jeevith got out of the car.

I drove off to my home. I had my dinner and slept happily without any nuisance. I remembered Jeevith's house, where I couldn't stay even for a minute. Thank God! I came back to my home. As his mom knows about the divorce, I don't think I should act anymore as her daughter in law.

The next day, I woke up and, as usual, read the newspaper while having the coffee. News on the paper irritated me.

"Mrs. Netra is going to be divorced soon. In our inquiry, we found that the reason behind the divorce is her affair with her ex PA Mr. Aryan. Though her husband warned her many times to stay away from Aryan, she didn't listen to his words. Finally, Mr. Jeevith, Netra's husband, decided to divorce her."

I called my manager to find out the reporter who wrote this news. I will teach him a lesson. He can't write whatever he wants about my personal life. I got the details about the reporter within one hour.

Now he will understand what Netra is! This media often focuses on the lives of celebrities and tries to ruin their reputation by writing all the bull shit for their ratings.

The next day, news appeared in the same newspaper about the reporter that made me laugh a lot.

"Mr. Vikranth, a junior reporter in the News9 newspaper, is going to be divorced soon by his wife. The reason behind the divorce is that he is gay and not suitable for married life. He cheated his wife, hiding this secret from her. Shocked after knowing the truth, his wife filed a cheating case against him.

All the women organizations and activists supported his wife to get justice for her. We hope she will get justice soon."

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