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   Chapter 3 HIS MOM

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Jeevith left assuming me as a hot-headed girl and an unbelievable woman. He said I am emotionless. Why should a girl be emotional? The problem with this society is they accuse a girl as too sentimental and cry baby if they shed tears or become emotional at times. If a girl is too strong to show her emotions out, she is blamed as emotionless and rude.

Why does this society always set norms for a girl? What do they want? To prove her wrong or to make her dependent? I want to be a role model for every girl who lives for her identity, goal, and ambitions. Getting bound to a relationship would never allow me to succeed because every man is the same. A man could never bear his wife achieving success or fame than him. His male ego never accepts to realize the greatness of his wife.

I went to the kitchen and brewed a coffee for me. I looked at those coffee beans for some time, which were mixed thoroughly with the water adding the flavor and fragrance to the hot water. Why can't a married woman be this way? Why can't she add up the aroma of love and feeling of sweetness to her in law's family by keeping up her uniqueness?

Doesn't a girl has feelings? Why should she always compromise with her life? Why can't this society appreciate a girl who is strong instead of hating and tagging her as rude? Is being straight forward synonymous with being rude? However, I can't help it. I can't wear an invisible mask to my face and speak sugar-coated words to impress someone. I don't want to impress anyone but myself.

I want to be me. I want to be Netra. I didn't add either surname or my father's name to my name because I am what I am and not a product of my family. Many take this as an example to describe my ego. I have reasons for my decision, which need not be explained to anyone who are neither responsible for my success nor feels happy for my achievements. I have a right to take the decisions of my life.

How can it be wrong to be proud of my achievements? I am a self-made woman and proud to be what I am today. I saw many people who feel proud of the property and legacy earned by their ancestors, though they are worth nothing. My phone rang, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Who's this?" I said, in my usual authoritative tone.

"Jeevith!" He said.

"Don't you have my number?" Jeevith asked me.

"I don't like to save the number of people who don't matter to me, " I answered.

"I need a help from you, " Jeevith said.

"Sounds good! The great Jeevith needs the help of a hot-headed girl like Netra, " I said sarcastically with a grin on my face.

"My mom is arriving in the city today, and she wants to see her daughter in law, " Jeevith said.

"What can I do for that?"

"Netra, I can't fool my mom by showing someone other than my wife as her daughter in law. I don't like it. Moreover, she doesn't know about our divorce, " Jeevith said.

"I can't act as a typical daughter in law. You know about me, Jeevith, " I said.

"I didn't ask you to act, Netra. Be as you are. I already told you that I couldn't cheat my mom, showing a fake daughter in law. If I ask you to pretend as a typical daughter in law, even that becomes a betrayal, Netra. I can't do that. I love my mom. I can't betray the people whom I love, " Jeevith said.

Why does Jeevith seem different from the other men? Is he different or trying to grab my

attention? What does he get if he acts good before me? Maybe, he is a bit different.

Stop it, Netra! What are you thinking? Don't you know about men? They act well until they get what they want from a woman. Then, they will reveal true colors. They are too dangerous than a snake. Don't trust him.

I thought like a normal woman, but my past and those bitter experiences didn't allow me to agree with such thoughts. A broken heart is tough to get healed, and it's almost impossible to trust the person one more time. Sometimes the death seems less painful than facing the bitterness of fate. When all the hopes were drained and found almost none to help her to kick out the trauma, but still she fought every battle and triumphed as a successful woman. That's what I did, and a new inspiring story started, making me feel proud.

I closed my eyes as the whole past appeared before my eyes, remembering me how did this Netra arise out of nothing.

"Netra, are you okay?" Jeevith asked.

"Jeevith, I can't help you because I have a meeting today in the evening. I can't miss it for anyone. Don't disturb me for your personal problems. I have no time for it. Bye!" I said, and disconnected the call.

I read the files and finalized the deals. In the evening, Serena knocked on the door of my cabin.

"Come in!" I said.

"Madam, Jeevith, sir is waiting for you, " Serena said.

"Tell him that I am busy, " I said.

"I can see how busy you are, Netra. But still, I don't think that you have no time for your husband, " Jeevith said, coming into my cabin. Serena left the place, giving privacy for us.

"Why did you come here?" I asked Jeevith.

"I came here to take you to my home, " Jeevith said.

"Are you out of your mind? You can't force me to do as you wish, " I roared at Jeevith.

"I can! You need a divorce, and I want my mom's happiness. Meet her once, and I will agree for the divorce. Otherwise, the court will order you to stay with me for six months. Decide yourself, Netra, " Jeevith said.

I am right. Jeevith is no different from the other men. To get his work done, he would do anything. The cheap mentality of men. I hate you, Jeevith.

I accompanied Jeevith to the airport. His mom came and hugged us both. We went to his house. His relatives looked at my dressing disgustingly as if I have done unforgivable sin.

"Don't you know how to dress while coming to meet your mother in law?" One of his relatives asked me.

"Netra doesn't know to show her fake self. There's nothing to pretend before mom. Moreover, her comfort is important for me, " Jeevith answered.

"I think your wife doesn't have manners. Girl, bend your head a little and seek blessings from your mother in law and then, from us, " another relative said.

I looked at Jeevith. I don't want to bend my head or touch their feet. I don't like all these rituals. I felt suffocated in such an environment. Of course, I respect the elders, but only if I think they deserve it. I admire even the younger ones if they are worth it. It's not the age, but the personality of an individual that gains my respect.

"Netra is like my daughter. Bending her head or touching my feet to show her respect towards me is not mandatory. Though she is busy with her works, she came here to meet me, leaving all her works. That shows her respect and love for me, " Jeevith's mom said.

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