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   Chapter 9 True Soulmate (D)

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It was really hard to control the vampire side of mine. And smelling the blood of Ulfric's mate made him more aggressive. What's wrong with my other side, "What's wrong with you, control, " I said

"Blood, mate, blood, mate, " He was saying this or rather chanting these words like a prayer

And with the final move, I lost control over my body. And it started moving on his own. It was under the control of my vampire side and he was under the control of witch curse. I was pushed back in my body by purple gas covering me from all side and controlling my moments. I couldn't move an inch also. Only I can see what's my body is doing.

I saw as my body which was taken over by my vampire side was moving so fast that everything was a blur I couldn't see anything but by blur images I can guess it's moving towards the forest hidden place. I guess he is trying to find Ulfric and his mate. But couldn't because he has gone really, very far away.

But, in no minutes what I saw shocked me, I saw Ulfric and his mate standing in front of me. As confused as I am.

"How did you find us? Did you control your vampire side?" He asked

To which My vampire just showed him our fangs. In no second, Ulfric hide, his mate behind his back. To which in response I jump towards him, but he holds me.

"Jen run, " Ulfric said to her

"No he looks scary, I don't wanna leave, " She replied mate bond is really hard to hold

"Jen, believe me, I can control him, " He said while struggling hard to hard to hold me back

He pushed Jen towards Otherside of Forest and pushed me another side. I fall on the ground for a second I was in control, but I was taken back as Ulfric kicked me in the stomach and I flew towards the tree. Which made my vampire more anger, and he took over me again. I flew towards him and gave a long kick on his forehead. Now it was his turn to fly away, he collided with the tree behind him. But I didn't give him a chance to get up. I again flew punched his face again and again. He was trying to push me but the impact of the kick was still there. But finally, he managed to push me and get up. But as he pushed I fall across a wooden log which was the only way to kill both of us.

"No stop, " I shouted as my vampire pick it up

But it was too late as he already picked it up and ran towards Ulfric. Who was still trying to get up, and somehow he managed to do so too? As soon as he saw me his eyes widened seeing the object in my hand. Suddenly, I was being held back from behind. And purple clouds which surrounded me started to get vanish. I realize someone was holding me from behind. I look back to see the witch from 11 years ago, who warned us and tried to send us back without any other witches noticing us, and because of who we got the curse. But her, hold help me to control myself, this only means one thing.

"Mate, " I said

She looked very weak, but still beautiful like 11 years ago. She looks the same as she looked at that day. Because of weakness she couldn't stand for a longer time, she was going to fall but I hold her before she could fall.

"Are you ok, " I asked

"No we don't have time, " She said

"Witty are you back, " Ulfric asked as he came behind us and kept a hand on my shoulder

"Who is she?" Jen asked pointing towards my mate

"My mate, " I said

"We have no time, my clan is in danger especially my mother, " My mate said

"What happened?" I asked

"I will teleport us first, " She said and started chanting something

But before she could complete it, she falls, again

"You are still weak, " I said

"Maybe because I was in deep sleep for so much long time, " She said

"Come my vampire speed will help us, " I said

"But, " She tried saying something but couldn't finish her sentence because I already scooped her in my arms

"I will follow your scent, " Ulfric said and he shifted in his wolf form

While I started running I saw his mate sitting on his back, and he stopped. I think to stop her but it wasn't time to argue and sensing her nature I can see she won't listen to him. I look towards my mate to see her looking back at me, "So you knew back then that I was your mate, " I said


, but I didn't know how to say you as you are Vampire prince, " She said

"So you decided to send me back, " I said

"Yes, to protect you at that time. But one of our trusted members was going to attack you because he was with me when I came out looking for the mate, " She said

Hearing this me and my vampire both got angry because we came to know that our mate got hurt while protecting us. I sense my vampire taking over me, and I was going to let him, but

"No, control yourself curse is just lifted from you it's not good to let him out now, " She said

I nodded and soon we reached a waterfall. Ulfric and his mate followed us behind, I sense his mates smell changed.

"You marked her?" My mate said

"I didn't have any choice she was stubborn to come here, " He said

"It won't be a problem, in fact, it will help you as now she's now your Luna, " My mate said

"Let's go, " I said

Again, my mate started chanting some words, and soon waterfall divided into two parts. And reveal a secret cave behind it, and we enter. As soon as we enter we saw 3 witched standing there, "What did you mean by saying it's not possible as a princess is still unconscious, " One of them asked

After this, the male witch's hand started glowing and he was going to attack the queen but my mate attacked him with her power and pushed her mom another side of the room, "Mom, " She said

"Selene, my daughter you are awake, " Her mom said

"So her name is Selene, " I whispered

"Don't tell me this long way here you haven't ask her name yet, " Ulfric said teasing me

"You, the wait isn't he demon prince, " I said and pointed towards the guy who attacked Selene's mom

"Demon prince, " Selene said

"Yes, Demon Prince Marius, " I said

"No his name is Darius, " Selene said

"No Selene I know Demon prince his name is Marius. Marius, I knew you hated me but didn't think you will stop so low and attack my mate, " I said

As I said I was attacked with the flame of fire, it hurts like hell.

"Darius, you dare to use magic against my mate, " Selene shouted

"Oh princess I dare to do many more things than just this. My plan was so successful to kill one of them by other one's hand and name will come on witches curse so demons can rule this world freely, " he said

"What?" I asked

"I knew Marius you are bad but didn't think you are evil, " Ulfric shouted and charged towards him and hit him with his claws

He tried dogging him, but Selene attacked him from another side. And I flew towards him and kicked him he flew to the wall behind him. He got up and wiped the blood that came out of his mouth, "This little thing won't harm me. I will run away from here in no time, but not before killing the person who destroyed my plan, " He said and vanished

We look back to see him in front of the other witch from before.

"Anise, " Selene shouted and ran to save her but she hasn't recovered fully yet soo she is slow

But suddenly, the red fog started forming in the cave, and suddenly a figure appeared behind Anise. He just snaps his finer and Marius flew out of the cave. We look back to see who it was so powerful than Demon Prince Marius. The fog started to get clear and the face reveal of the figure, "Marius, " Ulfric said

"Mate, " Marius said while hugging Anise

"Is this mate meeting day, " Queen witch said while laughing

"Sorry to cause you all so much problem, he was my twin brother Darius. He is on the wanted list of Demon as he Vampire king and Queen and Demon king and queen which was our parents, " He informed us

"What? I knew he killed my parents but yours too, " I said

"Yes, he thought he can rule if he kills your parents. But things went opposite as my parents executed him... So he killed them, " he said

Like this, we all met our mate. Darius was taken away by demon kingdom royal guards he was unconscious after Marius attack... Selene's fear didn't come true and my kingdom accepted her as my and their queen happily. Ulfric parents and kingdom accepted Jennifer happily too. Jennifer was orphan so they didn't have any problems. And like this, we live happily ever after.


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