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   Chapter 8 True Soulmate (C)

Exclusive Romantic Shots By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 6774

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"Witty, I won't lie to you but I won't back away, " I said

"Same goes with me, I won't back away too, " He replied

"Girls, have you heard in this forest which is behind our college, lives many different kinds of creature, " Suddenly we heard some kids talking

"Mate" Zac my wolf whined

I look towards Witty but he was focused on the girls talk, doesn't his inner self called for his mate. The smell of our mate was getting stronger and stronger, which means the voice we heard before was of one of her friend's voice.

"Leopard, lion, tiger, cheetah and more animals right, " Another girl said

"Idiot I said creature, don't you know the meaning of creature, " the First girl shouted at her

"She means fairy, witches, demons and all, " Our mate said

"So she knows about us, " Witty said happily

"Yes, but Jennifer, also your favourite vampires and werewolf lives there too, " the First girl said again

"Wow, our mate love us, " Zac whined happily in my head

"Shut up, Zee. Don't even talk about those bloodthirsty creatures in front of me, " Our mate said

Wait, what, bloodthirsty. I understand if she misunderstand's Witty as he is Vampire, but when did we werewolf become bloodthirsty. I look at Witty and he carried the same confusing face as me.

"Why do you hate them so much?" Zee asked

"What is there in them to like?" Jennifer said and that hurt directly to the heart

"Ok, I understand you don't like vampires because they drink blood but what about werewolves?" The second girl asked

"I don't know, Alex, but I just don't like them, " Jennifer replied

"What does that suppose to mean?" Alex asked again

"I don't know but whenever to hear this two names I feel strange, " Jennifer said

"Protect, mate, protect mate, " My wolf Zac shouted in my mind

I look around to see if there's any danger around but I couldn't find any, so I look towards Witty, to find his eyes turning sometimes red, sometimes white and sometimes black. Oh no, it means his vamp

floating in the air while surrounded by our protection spell

"If it wasn't them, our princess would have found her mate and would have been living happily with him now, " Darius another witch said

"If my daughter can't find her mate they would be mateless too, " I said while increasing the power of my curse

"Queen, it's enough, " Anise said

"No Anise, they should be punished. Stronger the curse weaker they will be, " Darius said

"Queen, " Anise tried saying something again but I stopped her

"The curse can be stopped only if he finds his mate, right now, " I said

"Which is impossible?" Darius said

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Ah..ah... I queen, yes it's difficult for them to find their mates so soon right, " He said

"Darius why do you look so suspicious, " Anise said

"How the curse is getting decrease?" I asked as the purple fog which was our curse which surrounded them always started decreasing

"Did he found his mate, " Anise said

"It's not possible, Princess is still unconsious, " Darius said

We turned back to see my daughter was not present in her protection circle.

"What did you mean by saying It's not possible as princess is still unconsious?" Anise asked

Suddenly, I was pushed aside and I saw Darius hands glowing. I look to see who pushed me, it was Selene.

"Mom, " She said

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