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   Chapter 7 True Soulmate (B)

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"Mate, " both said at same time

Witty and Ulfric look at each other after realising that they said mate while looking at the same girl. Both's eyes got wide realising the curse that was put on them came true. They walk towards the girl standing and talking with her friends, "Good morning, Mr Astoen and Mr Caskwinds, " the group of teenagers said as they saw their professors in front of them

"Good Morning, isn't it's your time for classes, " Witty asked

"Sir, we got messaged that our professor cancelled the lectures, "

"Which class are you from?" Ulfric asked

"I cancelled their classes today, " Witty answered his question

To which Ulfric raised one of his eyebrows because it's rare that Witty cancels his lectures because comparing to Ulfric, Witty is strict with studies matters. Witty rarely gives holiday, while Ulfric thinks students should enjoy too while they study.

"Are you all first year, new admission, " Witty asked ignoring Ulfric's looks

"Yes sir, we are new admission but not the first-year student we are second-year students, " There mate said

"May we know your name?" Ulfric asked

Jennifer was feeling uneasy, since both her professors started talking with them. So, she was just answering their few questions only. Now as they ask them for their name, she was in two minds to answer to tell them or not. But her friends already started saying their name to them.

"Marie, " One of her friends said

"Alex, " another girl said

"Jennifer, " Lastly Jennifer said

" I am your Zoology teacher Witty Astoen, " Witty said

"And I am your Chemistry tea


"What did you talk with my daughter to be like this?" The head of the clan suddenly came out of nowhere

"Believe us, " I ṭried explaining

"I and my best friend just came here to visit this place because we were curious about the witches, " Witty explained, to which I nodded my head

"Curious, look at my daughter. Do you know what are the consequences of making a witch angry, " She asked

"A lifetime curse until it's broken by the witch who gave it or is broken by the person to which the curse is related too, " I said

"Yes, you said you both are best friend right. So the curse will be between you two. You ṭwo are cursed to find a mate, " She said

"Wow, the curse seems to be interesting, " Witty said

"Don't joke, boy, " One of the witches said

"I am not finished yet. You will find the mate after searching for long and the one you will meet will make you two confused because you both will feel the mate process, " she said and all of them vanished in the air


"We didn't even do anything, " I said


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