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   Chapter 5 Love Cure (B)

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Alina's POV

Seeing them again brought my old memories back. Memories which I never want to remember, a memory which I want to get erased from my brain, memory which hold only pain nothing else. By seeing them I remembered their partiality between me and Salina.

I remembered that dreadful day, which was supposed to be the best day of my life. My anniversary with my ex- jerk boyfriend.


I am so happy it's our 3rd year anniversary, I am going to boyfriend John house. I took the cake from a cake shop, and flowers from a florist shop. Today I will give myself to him finally. Yes, he didn't touch me yet, I wanted to take it slow. And he wanted it too.

I walk towards his house, to see light's on. Strange he told me, he won't be here today, as he has some clients to attend. He is an architecture. Maybe he returned. I opened to see many things were not in their places, it was like someone broke in. Or there was a huge war that took place. Lamps on the floor, the sofa was not straight, the cushion was tore and there were even some clothing pieces on the floor.

I was going to call the police when I heard some noises from upstairs. I started walking upstairs slowly, the noises got louder by that time. I reached near the room and noise got louder and noises were of someone moaning. With a shaky hand, I opened the door to see my John on top of a girl. When they heard the noise of door opening, John turns towards the door and had a shock expression on his face. And the girl was none other my twin sister Salina. She was smirking towards me like she had won something. Whereas John was still confused. He looks towards me than her then again her than me. Then he got it, he stood up and ran towards me, "Baby this, this I taught" he was going to say something but I showed my hand

"You don't know the difference between us, " I asked

"Baby I didn't understand that, I am sorry, " he said

"In this 3years you can't understand me or someone else" I shouted

"You were good for your first time, you can get better, " Salina said

"You bitch you knew I thought you were her" John shouted

"So what I wanted you for one night but you didn't agree so I had to use this look" she replied

I ran away from their not wanting to listen to anything more from any of them. But not before listening to John threatening Salina, "I won't leave you, today I am leaving you but another time I see you, you will be dead"

He said I didn't listen further, I just walked away from there. I sat in my car and drove towards my house. I walked inside to see my parents sitting on the sofa, smiling and talking.

"Alina you came, " mom said

"Yeah" I replied and started walking again

"We wanted to talk to you on something, " dad said

"Not now" I replied

"You have to, " he said

"We had fixed your marriage with my friend's son, " mom said

"I don't wanna marry, " I said

"We are not asking you, " dad said

"It's my life, I make the decisions, " I said

"No you don't, why are you not agreeing, because of your that cheating boyfriend" mom said

"How do you know?" I asked

"Salina already told us, " dad said

"It's none of your business, and I am not marrying anyone and that's final" I shouted

And after that, I felt a sharp pain on my left cheek. I realized after sometimes that my mom just slapped me.

"You never made us happy do this at least do this what we have decided. To make you agree we broke your relationship not like this only your sister went and slept with that stupid guy" mom shouted

"You did what" I shouted

"No need of this shouting, Kaila I know how she will agree, " dad said

"May I know?" I asked

"You have two options, agree with this marriage or else you are disowned by us, " he said smirking

"Disown, " I asked

"Yes we won't be having any relationship with you, nor you will be living in this house, your allowance will also cut by us, " he said

I smile towards them and said

"When did you ever considered me as your daughter? From childhood, you only loved her never paid attention to me and my needs. Allowance if you remember I work part-time in a restaurant, not like your other slut daughter who rely on your money. And about this house, I am leaving this house right now. You will never see my face again in this lifetime ever"

Flashback End

Alina's POV

"Alina what are you doing here, " mom asked

"Excuse me why would my wife even answer you?" Damon ask angrily

"Wife" dad said

"Damon, what are they doing here?" I asked

"They took a loan and didn't returned and now when I am going to take over their restaurant as they didn't return our money, they said they have something for me, " he said

"So what they are offering instead of money, Let me guess their slut daughter, one-night stand, " I asked

"Alina" mom shouted

"What did I said wrong?" I asked

"Mr King please give us sometimes, we will return your money, " dad said

"Damon, " I said

"Yes love, " he asked

"I want to do charity, " I said

"How much and when?" He asked again

"The money they took make it charity money from my side. I know they won't be able to pay you bac

eft for Lucifer mansion. There was tight security, so we directly started shooting didn't care who came in front of us. All were dead in a second. Suddenly Lucifer walks down holding Alina on a gunpoint. And from the other side, my man brought Salina from dungeons.

"Let me go I will leave your wife, " he said

"Do you really think we gonna buy that?" I said

"You don't have a choice do you?" He asked raising one of his eyebrows

"Leave her, " I said still not removing the gun from my hand

"Nope, oh you found her, good. You should...." He was going to say something but

"Ahhhhh" he shouted as Alina bite his hand and pushed him

She ran towards me while my men ran to catch Lucifer.

"Before I will complete my one work, " he said

And suddenly he shoots the bullet. And shoots in Salina's direction. It happened in nanoseconds. Alina was standing hugging me in a second

She was in front of Salina and took a bullet which was meant for her.

She fell down holding her chest as the bullet hit her chest. The blood started coming out. I picked her up, but before that, she told Salina

"You never saw me as your younger sister but I always saw you as my elder sister. I loved you then

Love you now. Even after knowing

You won't love me back"

Saying this she closed her eyes. I tried making her wake up. But all went in vain. I got up with her in my arms. And carried to our hospital. Not before ordering my man to take Lucifer to the farmhouse.

I reached the hospital and admitted her. The doctor removed the bullet from her chest and told everything was alright. She will gain consciousness in two days.

In these 2 days, I never left her side. My fear was she was in danger. I should have not let her go.

"I am alright don't blame yourself" suddenly a voice broke my trance

"You woke up, " I asked

"Yes I woke up, and this was bound to happen don't worry, " she said and hugged me.

Everything was fine Lucifer was even getting his punishment. I also got to know he was keeping an eye on us by sending John to see Alina.

Now I will clear all the things with him. I went to my farmhouse after making sure Alina has slept tightly. I drove towards my farmhouse it was 1 hour. I reached there to see him sitting naked all tied in a wooden tub.

It's just big enough to sit him down, but not enough to make him get up.

"Enjoying your stays here, " I asked him

"What do you want, " he asked

"Alfredo have you given him everything, " I asked

"Yes, Sir he was given proper food and water but we didn't allow him to use the washroom. I think he did it in their only" he said

"OK is drum ready, " I asked

" yes sir everything is ready, " he said

"Remove him that and bring him to courtyard" I ordered

"Give him a sedative, " I said

"OK, " he said

I walk back to the courtyard. and saw members are gathered around there. The drum was ready. Soon after sometimes Lucifer was bought...

"You won't be needing this anymore, " I said

And took scissor type of device and cut his tongue and then pushed him in the barrel. He wasn't able to say anything because I cut his tongue. And he is in the effect of drugs. I pushed him inside the barrel and closed it. And then pushed him inside the hole especially made for him. We hid it with leaves and sticks that were fallen from the trees. And walked away.

Nothing can separate me from Alina. She is mine and will always be...

-The End

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