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   Chapter 4 Love Cure (A)

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Third Person POV

In dark stormy night, theirs a heavy rainfall. The only light coming was from the lamp pole on the street. The roads were empty, not even animals were not present there.

Few meters away from there, near an old wooden cottage, there were 5 cars parked outside. 4 black SUV and 1 red Lamborghini. A man walked out from Lamborghini, with an umbrella, he opened it and another person in a red suit came out of it. Followed by 10-15 men's from other cars.

The men in red suit remove his ray ban sunglasses and showed his dark brown eyes, which held terror in them. He walked inside with other men's.

In a dark room, where only light coming was from the bulb hanging on the ceiling through a single wire, which was not able to work properly. In that, there was a man tied to the chair with chains. He was in a total mess, he was bleeding from everywhere. From head to toe.

"Tch tch, what you taught you will get with what you did?" the person in the red suit who just entered the room said

"Who's there? Why am I here?" The person tied on the chair shouted

To which he received a punch.

"This is my place, you have no right to shout, " the person said and came into light

"" tied person said stammering

"Yes me Demon King, Italian mafia. Everyone thinks twice before crossing me and you" Demon shouted

"Sir I didn't do anything, " the person said

"Alex right" Demon asked

"Yes sir, " Alex said

"You wanna leave, " Demon asked calmly

"Yes sir" Alex replied

"So tell me where is it?" Damon asked

"Sir I don't know, " he said

"Ah I taught you wanted to go home, " Damon said

"Yes sir, I want too" he replied

"So tell me, " he asked

"I don't know, " he said again

"I taught today I will not need to bleed someone, " he said

"Alfredo" Damon shouted

"Yes sir, " Alfredo said

"Bring it, " he said

Alfredo went out of the room and entered another room. From there, he picks up a duffel bag. And came back to the other room. And gave it to Damon.

"So let me ask you one last time, where is it?" He asked

"I won't tell, " Alex said finally

"Oh, now you know where it is? So let's start our special treatment" saying this Damon removed something from the bag.

"Do you know what's this?" Damon asked holding a tool in his hand

"No" Alex replied

"This is 2 tools used by the dentists, to remove the tooth. This is the dental elevator and this is extraction forceps. But they use Anastasia before using them on someone. But what can I do I ran out of it, so we have to manage without it " Damon said

While holding two devices. Dental Elevator looks like screwdriver and Extraction Forceps are like tongs.

He got up from his chair and moved towards Alex. He checked the chains once if they were tied properly or not. He motions his 2 men's to hold his head. First, he took Dental Elevator and forcefully inserted it between his teeth to which he received the loudest scream from Alex, and blood started flowing from his mouth. And remove his front teeth forcefully.

Then he took Extraction Forceps and caught his other teeth in it, and removed it too, gaining another scream from Alex.

He did the same thing with his all front teeth's and removed all his front teeth's. By now Alex was passed out due to pain. Damon threw saltwater on his face to wake him up again. And he got up groaning once again.

"You know what I got my assignments back, I don't need you anymore, " Damon said

Alex tried to speak something but couldn't speak due to pain in his mouth.

"You know what to do?" Damon said to Alfredo while walking out of the house and wearing his sunglasses again.

This was Damon King, most dangerous Italian Mafia. 6 foot tall, dark brown colour eyes. He killed a man when he was just 10 years old. The men were their family traitor, trying to kill his father and he threw a knife at him which directly went to his heart. Then and there his father decided to start his training. He took over his father place at the age of 17. He shows no mercy to the person who betrays him.

But he has another face too.

At mansion

We can see a girl in the kitchen cooking food while singing and dancing. While maids were happily helping her and enjoying her melodious voice. The girl looks very innocent, and her blue doe shape eyes reflect that, 5"2' tall and blonde hair.

When suddenly a man in a red suit entered the kitchen watch her singing and dancing. Seeing him maids ran away from the kitchen. But the girl was back facing him so she didn't saw him yet.

Alina's POV

Hello, everyone, I am Alina King. Wife of Damon King. Currently, I am cooking dinner for us. I always enjoyed cooking and dancing and singing at the same time. While I was busy with my work I suddenly felt hands on my waist hugging me from behind.

"Hello love, " Damon said

"Where were you?" I asked trying to come out of his hold

"Had some work" he replied

"More important than today, " I asked

"Nothing is more important than you, " he said while he kissed my hair from the back and turn me around

"Don't apply butter on me?" I said

"Why would I? And how can I forget the most special day of my life?" He said removing a box from his pocket

"And may I know which day is it?" I asked

"The day you came in my life like a storm" he replied and slipped a diamond ring with small Amber Stone on it.

"It's beautiful, you remember, " I asked

"Of course I do" he replied

"That day I didn't think we will be standing here like this, " I said remembering that day

Flashback 3years ago

Alina's POV

It's the darkest night in Italy. I just left my parents house I don't want to stay with them anymore how can they do this with me? I am also their daughter but they always prefer her over me.

I never taught they will betray me in this too with them. I took the right decision of leaving their house. They can keep their so-called house and money with them.

But where will I go, at this time of night? Theirs no one on the road, not even animals. Suddenly I heard some noises behind me. The noise of footsteps of many people as if they were following me.

I ran away with my bag as fast as I can. I ran behind a tree to see back if they were still following me. Suddenly someone kept their hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see a man 6 feet tall with dark brown eyes staring at me. Because of darkness, I can't see properly but I think he has no expression on his face.

"Miss you know you shouldn't roam at this time of night in Italy, " the man said

"And who are you to say this, police, " I asked

"You can't imagine in your dreams what I am?" He said

"What, " I asked

"Nothing come, I will drop you at your home, " he said gesturing towards my luggage

"No thanks I can take care of myself, "I said

And walked away from there. But soon I was surrounded by 5-6 boys on the bike. They started making circles around me with their bikes.

Damon POV

I was going back to my house after Killing one of my enemies, by burying them alive. When I saw a blonde girl hiding behind the trees while looking at the road. I talked to her and offered her to leave her at her house but she refused and walked away.

I don't why but this feeling came to make her mine. Keep her with me always never let her go. Make sure she is mine and only mine.

To make sure she reached home safely

I start following her. But lost her. Suddenly someone came and back hug me. Before I could say anything I heard her sweet voice.

"Please please save me from them, " she said and I turn around to see 5-6 teenagers following her.

Suddenly one of them whispers something into one of person's ear. And nodded at me.

"Give the girl to me and you can walk away, " the leader said

"You dare demand, my girl. You know, I would kill you before that you even think of that. Now get lost" I said

They ran away as they had already realized who I was. I look at the pretty figure who was shivering, in fear. Soon she fainted in my arms. I picked her up in bridal style and walk towards my house...

In morning



When did the rough hard mattress of my house become so soft and blanket became so warmer? If this is a dream then I don't want to wake up, but if it's not then where am I?

My head feels like someone hit it with the biggest Rock in the world. With great difficulty, I open my eyes. I still couldn't see properly so I rub my eyes.

I sat on the soft bed to see where am I? It's an unknown place. The room was beautifully decorated, golden decorations with red curtains and bed sheets and pillows. Bedsheets are of silk.

Suddenly, last night events came in my mind. And I was terrified. But that guy saved me, how am I here?

" Good to see you wake up" suddenly came a voice from the door

"What am I doing here?" I asked

" Yesterday you fainted after I saved you, and there was no mobile phone, nor any identity card with you so I bought you here at my house" he replied

"Thanks for yesterday, " I said

"Your welcome, what your name by the way, " he asked

"Alina Woods, " I said

"Damon King" he replied

"Don't tell me you are that youngest Billionaire Damon King, CEO of King enterprises?" I asked unbelievingly

"Yup that's me, " he said

"Oh my God, " I said

"Let's talk afterwards you go freshen up, then come downstairs for breakfast, " he said

"Ok" I replied

And he went out of the I went to the washroom and did my business. Then I didn't have anything to change, I wore the pink bathrobe hanging in the washroom. And came out to see my luggage kept in the room, with a note...

My Guards found this luggage on the road where I found you


I smile and decided to wear a sky blue shirt with a red jacket and black jeans. I walked down to see round stairs, I went downstairs and entered the dining room to see Damon sitting on the table already. And talking on the phone...

"I don't know anything find me a personal assistant as soon as possible" he shouted on the phone


"Yes for everything even I need them at home...." He stopped talking as he saw me sitting beside him

"I will call you later inform me if you find someone, " he said and cut the call

"Have a seat?" he said

"Ah can I ask you something if you don't mind, " I said as we started eating

"Sure, " he said

"I am looking for a job too, if you don't mind can I interview for your PA post, " I asked

"Sure, first let's have our breakfast finished, " he said and I nodded

We ate our breakfast in silent and after 30 mins it was completed. We walk towards his study with my resume in my hand.

"So you got a scholarship for your college, " he asked while seeing my file

"Yes" I answered

"You are the daughter of Rexon Wood, the owner of woods restaurant, " he asked

"Yes but I didn't want to join their business, " I said

"May I know why?" he asked

"It's personal, " I said

"Ok, see I want PA for not only for office but for my home too, " he said

"Ok I have no problem" I replied

"Where do you stay?" He asked

"Currently I will find some hotel to stay, " I said

"No need I was going to ask you to shift here as I am a very punctual person so I want everything ready before I wake up, " he said

With this, I got a new job, with a good salary. And I don't even have to worry about staying somewhere it's the best thing.

After 6 months

Damon's POV

These 6 months were like hell. I can't do anything without Alina. She is a trouble maker but when it comes to working she is very good at it. My day starts seeing her face and ends seeing her face. She also changed my habit of drinking black coffee to sweet sugar coffee every morning. But she doesn't know about me being mafia. I am afraid she will leave me after knowing this and I had fallen head over heels for her. I love and I can't lose her.

Currently, I am in my office waiting for Alina to bring my lunch. What's taking her so long to come? I move out of my cabin and went towards the cafeteria. On my way what I saw something that made my blood boil in anger. Alina talking with Zachary. My Playboy brother and that also laughing and talking, giving each other high-five. I walk back towards my cabin.

Oh, my dear Alina, you shouldn't have done it. You don't know the beast you had woke. I picked up my cell phone and call Dad

"Dad I am going to Paris with my PA for the project, " I said

"Why the sudden change? Zachary was going there for it" he asked

"No, I will go there. And yes tell Zachary to Handel the New Zealand mafia deal" I said

"But...." He was going to say something but I cut the call

Then there was a knock on my cabin door. I knew who it was so I told her to come in.

"Sir your lunch, " she said

"Miss. Wood pack your clothes we are having flight tonight to Paris for a month" I said

"Yes sir" she replied

Now it's evening time for our flight. Our luggage was already shifted to my private jet. We drove towards the airport while discussing the project. We reached the airport...

"You move forward I will just make a call, " I said

"Sure sir, " she said and moved out

I remove my cell phone and made a call to Alfredo who is already present there.

"Is everything set?" I asked

"Yes sir" he replied

"OK I will be coming there in some hours, " I said and cut the call

I walked towards the jet with my bodyguards, and as soon as I entered I saw some flight attendance talking with Alina. She was standing there talking with them happily.

"Miss. Wood I want to talk with you about something important" I said

"Yes sir, " she said

"I love you, " I said

"I know sir and you know my it's the answer is still same, " she said

"Why? Why damit why can't you forget him?" I shouted making her flinch

"Sir try to understand it's not easy" she replied

"What's my fault in this? What's my fault if your ex-bastard boyfriend cheated you with with your twin sister" I asked

"Sir you won't understand, " she said

"I don't want to I just want you, " I said and pushed her into my private bedroom in my jet.

I caged her between me and walls. I cupped her face in my hand and kept my lips on her. I started kissing her hungrily, showing her who she belongs too. After sometimes she started kissing back. After 15 mins, I broke the kiss, finding her breathless.

"I am sorry" saying this I drugged her.

Alina's POV

I woke up, feeling my head been bang continuously with a hammer. I tried to get up but something strong was keeping in my place not letting me move. I looked down to see a hand wrap around me and someone holding me tightly in towards Someone's chest. I could feel their breath on my neck. I jerk away from the hand and sat up in one go.

"Sir what's the meaning of this?" I asked

"Oh baby, you woke up, it's still early let's sleep for sometimes more, " he said and started pulling me once again

"Leave me" I shouted

"This is not the good way to talk to your husband that also next day of the wedding, " he said

"What" I shouted

"Yes, " he said and showed my hand in which my 3rd finger has a ring in it

"What the hell, " I said

Flashback over

Alina's POV

"You were jerk" I shouted

"What could I do? You were not ready to leave your past" he said

"So who in the hell marries someone by drugging them, " I said

"You know I love you right, " he asked

"I know or else I wouldn't be standing here I would have already under the ground for slapping you that morning" I giggled

He hugged me again tightly when suddenly there was a noise of throat clearing. We look to see Alfredo standing there.

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but there are people who want to meet you, " he said

"You know I don't want anyone here, " he said

"Yes but how they came here we don't know, " Alfredo said

"OK I am coming, " he said

"You go I will prepare dinner till then, " I said

And he moved out of the dining room and walked into the living room. I was already prepared the dishes when the noises from the living room started again. I walked out of the kitchen and moved towards the living room. And was a shock to see people standing there.

"Mom dad "

To be continued

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