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   Chapter 3 Mafia's Unknown Daughter

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Arjun POV

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Arjun Malik. I am 11 years old, son of Mafia King Arvind Malik. I have black eyes and black hair. Everybody says I am lookalike of my father. The only difference is our nature. Where I am cute, innocent and lovely and there he is the cruellest person. Besides me, there are more 5 brother Aryan(16) the eldest of all, Jay(14) 2 eldest brother, Rishabh(13) middle one, Kartik(12) and then me.

What to say our parents wanted a girl child too but didn't get and all their children born were boys.

Currently, I am walking through basements hallways, whereby mistakingly my ball came. No one from us is allowed to come here, as dad's enemy is a prison here. I walk towards the door where I hit the ball with my bat. I slowly opened the door to see a little angel sitting in the corner smaller than me.

She was crying silently, I couldn't see her face as she was sitting her head on her knees. I slowly walk towards her and bend down towards her. I kept my one hand on her shoulder and I think I frightened her as she flinches and moves away. Now I can clearly see her face. Her face was black by dust but still, her milky white skin was clearly seen. And tears were still flowing from her eyes. And there were some marks on her body which I couldn't realize what.

I saw my ball lying beside her, I took it and left from there. Don't know why but I feel like to remove her from there I couldn't see her like that. Then I went towards only one person who can help me with this.

My mom...

"Momma" I shouted as I entered her room

"Yes baby, " she said

"Momma I saw an angel, the angel you said about during bedtime stories, " I said showing my set of white teeth

"Acha where, " she asked

"Come I will show you, " I said and started dragging her.

Shivani POV

Hello, I am Shivani Malik. I am 32 years old, wife of Arvind Malik. He is the Mafia leader of Mumbai, he is the cruellest to the world, but he loves his family which is us he loves us very much. I know he is very faithful to me. I have 5 sons. And currently, the naughtiest one is dragging me saying he saw some angel.

And I saw the direction where he is dragging. He was taking me towards the cells which are in the basement.

"Arjun what were you doing here?" I asked

"Mom my ball came here by mistake" he answered still dragging me

"You know na you are not allowed to come here, " I asked sternly

"Mom I know, but tell me this sometimes else come we have reached there, " he said and open one of the cells doors.

As he opened the door, I saw a little girl sitting in the corner of the darkroom. She might be 9-10 years old. And she was sleeping in sitting position only. I walked towards her and what I saw made my eyes wet. She had hunters marks on her body. And somewhere burn marks too. I look at her pity figure. As I touched her shoulder she flinches in her sleep as fearing to get harm. I made my mind that she will not stay here anymore.

"Ronak" I shouted and call the guard who watches the prisoners.

"Ronak" I shouted again as he didn't come at my first call

"Yes mam, " he said as he came running towards the cell

"Open this girls chain, " I said and look at my son who was now grinning

"And you go to your room, " I said to Arjun

"But mamma I wanna stay with her" he whined

"Not now, go, " I said showing the door

" Mam are you sure" Ronak ask as Arjun left the cells

"Yes now open it, " I said

"Yes mam" he replied and opened her chain.

I picked her up in my arms, she weighs nothing she was as light as feather. She needs food, and medical help too. I took her out and told one of the guards to call Arvind. I kept her in our bedroom on the bed and covered her with the blanket. She snuggled into it as soon as it covered her. Soon the door of our bedroom open, I turn to see Arvind standing there.

"Hey babes, you asked for me, " he said

"Yes, I wanna adopt someone, " I said

"That's good but whom, " he asked smilingly as he was after to adopt a girl as we wish to have a girl child

"I know you will be angry, but it's one of your prisoners, " I said

"You went there you know how Dangerous it is there, then why, " he asked

"Oh ya, then tell how much Dangerous is this girl to me, " I said and showed him the girl lying on our bed

"What the h**l? where did you get her from?" He asked

"From your cells, " I said

"What but she is so small, who kept her there, " he asked unbelievingly

"I know she is smaller than Arjun, " I said

"I know I will call someone to know about it, " he said

"Call them now I wanna know too, " I said

"Ok, " he said and

Removed his phone from his suit jacket.

"Hello, yes Reyansh, " he said


"Come meet me now, " he said and cut the call.

"I will take her to bath...." I was going to say something when

We heard a voice like someone is struggling to breathe. We look back to see the small girl trashing here and there on the bed and struggling to breathe. We went towards her and I tightly hold her in my hand protectively. She was shaking very badly and I was continuously patting her back to make her normal. After some time she slept again peacefully hugging me tightly.

Suddenly there was a knock on our door. Arvind open to reveal Reyansh standing there, in a black and white suit. Arvind gestures him to come in.

"Why was a child in our cells" Arvind asked

"Oh sir that little girl, sir you remember 5 years ago we went to kill the woman who had taken money from you and not written yet, " he answered

"Yes, because there was no way she could give it back, " Arvind said

"So sir when you went from there after Killing that woman we found this girl, " he said

"Why didn't you inform me then, " Arvind asked

"Sir I called you, I don't why but you were in hurry that day, so you said to put her in the cells" he replied

"Arvind what is this she is suffering from 5 years" I shouted

"I seriously didn't know about her I swear" he replied

"Reyansh go and call Dr Ayesha, " I said

"Yes mam, " he said

"Do you know her name?" I asked

"Mam when we took, we asked her she told her name is ushi, " he said

"It must be Khushi, she was small so might not be able to pronounce it properly, " Arvind said

I went towards her and saw her clothes were also not proper. I picked her up properly and took her to the washroom. I sat her on the slab. As soon as I sat her she woke up. And was staring at me with wide eyes.

"Hey baby girl, what's your name?" I asked

But she was only staring at me without replying anything.

"Don't be afraid I won't hurt you" she showed her little finger asking for Pinky promise

"Pinky promise, " I said with my little finger

"So your name is Khushi, " I asked and she nodded

"Come let's have a bath, " I said picking her up and took her to the bathtub

I sat her in the tub, and added some water in it, which was medium, nor hot nor too cold. Then I added some bubbles in it. I washed her properly and took her out and made her wear some of Arjun's old clothes, as currently, we didn't have anything for her to wear.

I took her out and sat her on the bed. While there was a knock on the door.

"Come in, " I said and the door opens and Dr Ayesha walked in

"Hello mam, you call me, " she asked

"Yes check her up, " I said

"Ok" she replied

She soon started checking and cleared her wounds, and bandage them with bandages. And gave her an injection.

"She is too small, too handle those wounds, " she said

"Don't worry I will take care of it?" I said

"This is some ointment and medicine give her on time she will heal soon and ya one more thing give her proper food she seems to eat less" saying this she went out

"Come baby let's feed you, " I said and picked her up and kept her on ground

We walked out and went directly to the kitchen. I ordered our cook to prepare some soups and sandwiches for the meantime, as it will be good for her. Soon the cook gave the soup and sandwiches.

I forwarded it towards her, but she saw me then look at the food, then again me. She did this 4-5 times. Then suddenly she picked up a soup bowl and started drinking it, directly from the bowl. And she drinking more like licking it. I was going to stop her when suddenly a voice came...

"Hey little angel, how are you drinking it?" Arjun said

"Arjun" I shouted

"What happened doesn't this little girl knows, how to drink the soup?" Arvind said like father like son...

Suddenly there was a loud noise of something falling, I look to see the bowl in the Khushi's hand had fallen and she was staring at Arvind with fear in her eyes. She started breathing heavily, it seems like she was not able to breathe properly

"Arvind call Ayesha immediately, " I said

"Ok" he replied and went away

I walked towards her and started rubbing her back to make her normal. But she fainted, so I picked her up and went towards the room. After sometime Ayesha came and checked her.

"Seems like she had a panic attack, " she said after checking her

"But she is so small, " I said

"I know but due to fear it happens, does she behaves differently, " she asked

"Yes she hasn't said a word yet " I replied realizing she just said everything by nodding and with hand gestures

"It seems like she is too frightened, and she saw something that terrified her even more, " she said and walked giving medicines

After 2 years

Arvind POV

Hello, I am Arvind Malik, I am mafia don of Mumbai. I have 5 sons, and a lovely wife and a daughter. I love my family very much. I can die for them and kill the person who harms them.

Currently, I am at my daughter's school, as her Bodyguard found some students and even teachers bullying her as she doesn't talk. I know it's because of my mistake, that's why I always take care of her. But she refuses me every time. She doesn't like me but for some unknown reason, I want to change it.

"Mr And Mrs Malik how can I help you?" the principal of the school asked

"Call Mr Ashok Ranna, Miss. Dipti Singh, Mr Sushant Rai and Miss. Shikha Iyer" I said

"Can I know why sir?" he asked

"Call them you will know yourself, " Shivani said in stern voice leaving no place for arguments.

"Yes mam, " he said

He made some calls and after a few minutes, those 4 teachers entered the room. They were frightened after seeing us. I signal our guards to take them.

"Sir sir where are you taking them, " the principal asked

"They dare to insult my daughter in front of her class, " I said

"They will pay for every single drop of tears from her eyes, " Shivani said angrily

"And one more thing, we are removing her from this school, we don't want our daughter to learn in such a disgraceful school. And about the students who bullied her" I was going to say something but Shivani cut me in between

"Her brothers will take care of them, " she said

And with that, we walked out of the school.

"Make sure they suffer the same way how they make our Khushi suffered, " Shivani said

"Yes of course. Cut their tongue keep them like that for a week or two. And also keep their tongue in front of them. Don't give them any medical treatment and then give them slow poison. And deliver their body at their house" I said and entered my car and drove off.

"She is still having a high fever, " Shivani said as kept her phone in the bag

"Don't worry doctor said na it wil

l go?" I said

We reached our mansion in no time. The driver parked the car when suddenly another car enter the mansion and came out my 5 boys from it. Jay, Rishab, Kartik and Arjun. All were bruised and some blood on their clothes.

"What were you thinking before you beat those guys" Aryan my eldest son shouted at them

"They dare to bully my little angel" Arjun shouted

"And they had to pay for it, " Jay said with an evil smirk

"For that brat, you all did this" Aryan shouted

"Aryan" Shivani shouted

"What mom see them they look like some goons from the street, " he said

"So what we would have gladly become if it can save her, " Kartik said while typing on his phone something

"You all has gone crazy don't you all get it she is not our real sister" saying this Aryan went away from there

As you can see in our family everybody has accepted her as our family member leaving Aryan. Don't what's the problem?

Aryan's POV

Hello, I'm Aryan Malik. Next to be Mafia don, after my father. You see my mother found a girl in cells and adopted her. Without even knowing her. I don't know why but I can't just accept her like this. Don't know why? Hope so I accept her soon.

But I care for her. They don't know but I was the who found about her bullying in school. I was going to kill those children and professors. But my dad also found it. And he took care of them.

I went down to see Khushi playing with our Cook's son Harsh. They were of the same age. So they always play together when we are not with her. The strangest thing about this girl is she hasn't talked since we found her. Many doctors tried but they didn't succeed. They told maybe some sudden accident help her.

Suddenly a voice brought me out of my thoughts, "Ryan bro" someone shouted

I look back, to see Khushi running towards me. Suddenly she came in front of me and fainted. I caught her and what saw made my blood boiled. She got shot while saving me. I looked around found a shooter standing near our house boundaries. He was going to shoot another bullet but I removed my gun from my waistband and shoot him with all bullets in my gun.

I took Khushi in my arms and directly went towards our hospital wing.

"Doctor, doctor, doctor" I shouted and one of the doctors came out

"She got shot, see her fast" I shouted

"Yes sir, nurse take her to ICU fast, " he said

And they took her from my arms and kept her on the stretcher. And they took her away.

After sometime mom, dad and my brothers came. I told them the whole incident.

After the sometime doctor came out and inform us that everything is fine. The bullet just touches her and went away, and it didn't cause any damages.

All were angry on the shooter but Arjun was angry about something else, "How can she say your name, we are behind her from so many years but she didn't call any of us" Arjun

"And here you who don't care for her she shouted your name and got shot too, " Kartik said Making faces

"Maybe because she knew from all her brother I care more about her, " I said winking and smirking at them

"What the ?" Jay said

"Yes, he is the one who always sees if she has slept or not at night. Have she eaten or not. Reached school properly or not and many more" mom said

After some days we took her to our house again.

Arvind POV

Today is Sunday, and there's no work. So I am thinking to spend some time with my family, everyone is happy because Khushi has started talking again. But don't call me Dad don't know why? Every time she looks at me she has a hatred towards me.

I went downstairs when our servant informs me someone is waiting for me.

I went to the living room to see the couple which I never wanted to see ever.

"Uncle, aunty, " I said

"Where is she?" Aunty asked

"What are you doing here? And who is where?" I asked

"Khushi where is she?" Uncle said

Shivani POV

I was sitting in our dining area watching Harsh and Khushi playing together. Where Harsh has made some cookies for her? And she is eating it. When suddenly I heard the shouts. I went there to see an old couple shouting at Arvind.

"You took away our daughter, but at least give us back our granddaughter" old man said

"Uncle your daughter took a loan from me, " Arvind said

"You are wrong, she didn't take loan her neighbour took it. And instead of taking money from her neighbour your man and you killed my daughter" Uncle shouted

I was shocked by listening to this. But sudden voice caught our attention, "Nanu Nany(grandparents)" Khushi shouted

Khushi POV

Hi, I am Khushi Malik. I am 13 years old. I live with my momma and brothers. And Ya with my so-called Dad also my mamma killer. I was playing with my best friend Harsh. He had made cookies for me but they are very bad. So I was just eating to not break his heart. Suddenly we started playing. And while playing I caught people which I thought I will never see them.

"Nanu Nany" I shouted and ran towards them

I hugged them, and then introduce them to my momma.

"Momma nanu nany, nanu nany momma, " I said

"Khushi I missed you so much, " Nany said and I giggled

"Missed you too, " I said

Suddenly I was snatched from their arms by momma. And she hugged me tightly.

"Momma, " I said but she held me more tightly and hide me behind her back

"Please don't take her away, she is my daughter, " she said

"No she is our granddaughter, and this man is her father. Who killed our daughter and took our granddaughter away from us" Nanu said

"What?" Momma shouted

"Yes, now give her back, " Nany said

"No please don't take her, you can meet her whenever you want but don't take her, " momma said

"Uncle please don't take her away from us, " my so-called Dad said

"You are a very bad person how can we believe you, " nanu said

I tugged momma dress, and she sat down.

"Momma he is very bad my mamma she used to say he is my dad, " I said

"Who?" she asked

"My old mamma who he killed, I was there my mamma was right she said he will kill her and take me away from her. And that day he did it" I said sobbing and hugged her tightly

"Arvind what is this?" momma asked

"Harsh Harsh take her with you, " he said

Arvind POV

"They are saying true after our 3rd marriage anniversary I went to visit my parents. There I meet their daughter, we were old friends. But I didn't know our rival was after me, they drug my drink and the next day I found myself with their daughter in bed" I said

"And he left her there to face the society alone" Uncle shouted

"Uncle please let me take care of my daughter properly, I promise no harm will come to her"I pleaded

"Do you still want her as your daughter?" Aunty asked Shivani

"Yes, because no matter what she will remain my daughter forever no one can change that, " she said

"Ok she will stay with you all, we will come to check here every week, " Uncle said

"Thank you, " I said

"We are not leaving her because of you, we are here because of our this daughter we can see mother's love for Khushi in her eyes, " Aunty said

And they bide their goodbyes.

After 6 years

Harsh POV

Hello, everyone, my name is Harsh Vardhan. My father is a cook at Mafia Arvind Malik house. And I want to follow his footsteps and become a cook like him.

I sat in the garden watching my friends playing football. I don't like to play football, but like watching it. My phone rang and it's my dad he told me to come home.

I went to the mansion and saw Arjun Sir sitting in the living room watching Cricket.

"Hey, buddy, what's up?" He asked

"I am good, just came back from college, " I said

"So when are you asking her" suddenly Kartik sir came and asked

"Ask what and to whom?" I said stammering

"Of course our sister we know how much you both love each other" Arjun sir said

"Yes but I don't want to force something on her now, you know na how naive she is, " I said

"Shut up, you idiot. I am not naive. Now even if you asked me na then also I will say no" suddenly Khushi voice came out of nowhere

"Baby wait listen, " I said but she walked away

"You are gone bro, " they both said in unison with a smirk because an angry Khushi is a hungry lioness

Khushi POV

Hello, everyone, I am Khushi. I don't know why everybody says I am naive. I just like to help everyone but that's a different thing that it becomes harmful to them.

Like once I was helping our gardener in watering flowers but mistakenly I step on the water pipe and after that, I drench myself in water and mud. And got sick because of which our gardener got an earful from my parents. Once I tried to save a puppy from a car accident, don't worry I save him and myself too. But when I took him to the hospital it turns out to be a human hospital and entered the wrong room, by mistakenly it was ICU. Like this list carry on.

But that doesn't mean I am naive, am I?

I angrily went out and saw my father coming, I still don't talk to him. But Don't hate him much as I before. Just talk with him sometimes. As I was walking past him he called me...

"What happened to my angry princess?" He asked

"They called me naive again, " I said pouting

"Ah don't listen you are my sweet, innocent and beautiful daughter, " he said

"Really, I am not naive, " I asked

"Nope, " he said and hugged me

"Thank you, da....." I tried but couldn't say it

"It's ok, I know it's hard for you, but I know one day you will call me father, " he said kissing my forehead

I smiled at him

"So where are you going?" He asked

"Nowhere just roaming, " I said

"Come I will take you to your favourite ice cream parlour, " he said

"Yipee, " I said

And we both went out, came back in Evening after eating lots of ice cream.

We entered the garden and it was decorated so beautifully, with red and white balloons. Purple flowers decorations. And there he was standing wearing a white and red suit. I slowly went to him.

"I know you have been waiting for long, but I wanted to become something before I say this to you. But today as you said you will say no and left me. I realized that I can't stay without you. I can't see you with someone else. From childhood, we had bare each other. We were with each other in our happiness and sadness. But I want you to become my happiness for my whole life. I want to be your smile. I want to be the reason you smile. Will you do me the pleasure of becoming the mother of my children and bless them with your innocence. Will you be my wife? Khushi Malik, will you Marry me Harsh Vardhan and become Khushi Vardhan?" He asked bending on his knees

"No" I replies

"Excuse me what, " he asked confusingly

"I won't become Khushi Vardhan, " I said blowing my nails

"But why?" He asked almost on verge of crying

"Oh my sweet naive boyfriend I won't become Khushi Vardhan because, " I said and slowly bend

"Because, " he asked slowly

"Because" I bent little more up to his level

"Because, " he asked gulping his saliva

"Because I won't change my surname after marriage and I would like to become Khushi Malik Vardhan" I shouted in his ear

"Oh.....what Khushi" he was still confused but slowly everything settled in his mind and he shouted

"But I have one condition, " I said

"What is it? Say fast my knees are paining" he said pouting

"You will never call me naive, " I said

"Never, " he said and put the diamond ring on my finger...

The End

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