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   Chapter 2 Tricked By Billionaire

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Joseph POV

"Get out and yes you are fired, " I said to the person standing in front of me

"Please forgive me, sir, " he said

"Theirs no forgiveness in my world, you did mistake you to have to pay for it, " I said clenching my teeth

"Sir give me one chance, " he said

"Why to do bigger lost? This time it 50 crore deal which I lost because of you now do you want to make it 100 crores" I said angrily standing up from my chair

"No sir I seriously don't know how that contract file got misplaced, " he said

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Sir theirs lots of things going behind your back, if you give me one week time then I will prove my innocence, " he said

"Ok I'm giving you not one week but 2 months but I want the results to be positive if not then I'll not just fire you. You will vanish from the earth" I said

He nodded his head and ran out in fear.

Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, Ladies and gentlemen this Joseph Collin. My eyes are Amber colour, brown hair. Collins family is one of the richest family in the world. I am a Casanova. Yup, I have different girls in my bed every night. What can I say? I am just like this. But I don't like when someone betrays me. When they do I make sure they don't be in a condition to do the same to another person.

And about the things which guy told me earlier, I know about it already and I am on to it too, to find who is the traitor in my company. By the way, I am the CEO of Collins enterprises. My company comes under top 5 best companies in the world. This project of 50 crores was just a little I don't care about it. But I knew that Enzi guy from earlier could find the person. And I don't like to ask someone, so I played a little game and he gave up. Now I have to wait for him to find the person behind all this.

Elizabeth POV

Hello, guys, I am Elizabeth Samson. I am 23 years old. I have Forest green colour eyes, and blond colour hair. I am head accounting manager of Colin enterprises. Our boss is very strict and doesn't like mistakes, one mistake and you are out of the company.

Suddenly I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, I turn to see Xavier and Alisha standing. They are my friends and colleagues here.

"Where are you lost? We were calling you from when" Alisha said

"Nowhere just doing my work" I replied keeping the file in the cabinet.

"Let's go have lunch, it's lunchtime, " Xavier said

Before I could reply anything, I felt someone hugging me from behind.

"Baby, " the person said

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"Why can't I be with my girlfriend, " he said

"It's work time Joseph" I replied

"So what it's not the first time" he replied

But I ignored him and started walking with Xavier and Alisha. And he was following behind me.

"What Happened baby are you angry?" He asked

"Should I be?" I asked

"I don't know you tell me, " he said

I pick out the packet I received this morning and gave it to him. He took and was a shock to see what's inside it.

It was his photos with someone else.

"Baby this is Photoshop, " he said

"You said same about yesterday's photos too, " I said angrily

"Believe me, I am only one woman men I only love you, " he said

"Then what about this, " I asked crying

"These are all my rivals plan to break us, " he said

"You know me better than this, " he said cupping my face.

He held my face in his hand and gave a kiss on my forehead. Clearing of the throat brought me out of the trance. When I look around we were standing in the hallway of the company and everyone was seeing us and smiling. My blood reached my check and I hide in Joseph's chest to avoid more embarrassment. To my horror, Joseph started laughing too.

He took me out of there and we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

"What were you doing with that Xavier guy?" he asked all of sudden while eating his spaghetti

"He is my best friend so he and Alisha came to ask for lunch, " I said while eating my Italian pasta

"I don't like that guy around you, " he said

"You have to bear it as he is my best friend, " I said

"I don't like when you talk to another male" he said possessively

I laughed as he said that...

" Break your friendship with him, " he said out of nowhere

"What about no?" I said teasingly

"YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE TO LISTEN to A NO FOR AN ANSWER" He suddenly shouted Making me flinch

"Joseph, " I said

"I am sorry baby, " he said

But I got up and left from there to avoid any more embarrassment.

But not before hearing him say, "Dammit"

After 3 hours

It's now 6 pm time to go home. I packed my things then switch off the computer, and then picked up my handbag and keys to my cabin. I lock my cabin door and press the lift button. While waiting I felt someone's presence behind me, I was going to look back but lift came and doors open. Suddenly I was in someone's arm and they were holding me tightly and entered the lift and pressed directly parking lot button.

I was struggling in the person's arms when he kept me down. And I turned around to see my personal a*****e/boyfriend. Smirking towards me. I glare at him, which didn't affect him. Suddenly he pulled me towards himself and started kissing me. I tried to push him by scratching my nails on his ears and neck. But it didn't affect him. His tongue was asking for entrance which I denied. So he took my lower lip and bit on it. I gasp left my mouth and he took advantage of it and entered his tongue in my mouth and explored every corner of it. Soon the lift doors open and he left my mouth.

"My naive kitten, " he said holding his ears which I scratched

"Sorry about an afternoon" he apologized

"It's ok, " I said still blushing

"Don't repeat it?" I said

And he winks and smiled we reached near our cars. He gave me a flying kiss before leaving the parking lot in his Ferrari. And I sat in my Audi.

I reached my home and saw my parents sitting in the living room.

"Hello mom, hello Dad" I greeted

"Hello princess, come sit, " dad said

"How was your day?" Mom asked

"Good" I answered

Suddenly dad's phone rang, he excused himself and went to pick up.

"Did you talk to him?" Mom asked

"Yes he said it's Photoshop" I answered

"But you are receiving it from so many weeks, " mom said in a worried tone

"I know he said his rivals are doing this to spoil his name, " I said

"Do you believe him?" Mom asked

"Yes, " I said

"But these things...." Mom started but dad entered the living room so she stopped

"What are you two talking about"

Dad asked

"About Joseph" mom said

"Oh that boy, he just called to ask me about you Eli, " dad said

"He cares so much about you, " mom said

"Yeah if he didn't saw you that day on road getting bullied by goons, " dad said

"Don't know what would have happened to you" mom completed his sentence

"Yes I know that's why he is my knight in shining armour, " I said smiling

"Mom arrange food I am hungry I will just change and come, " I said And went towards my room

Joseph POV

"F**k**g h**l find the person who sends those photos to her, " I said

"Sir we are trying to find but there's no clue, " my detective said

"This is the 5th time she is receiving the photos of mine can't you do this simple task of finding the person" I shouted

"Sir we are really trying, but it's a dead-end, " he said

"Find the person in 2 days or else I will put a dead end to your life, " I said

"OK sir, " he said and cut the call

"Rex it was your job to hide my affair from Elizabeth. Wasn't it?" I asked

"Sir we are too, trying our best to not let mam received any letters like that but we don't know how...." He said but I cut him in between with a punch on his face and he fell down

"Bl***y h**l can't do your work properly. Increase the security around this house and even around Elizabeth" I shouted

"Yes sir" he replied getting up.

"And remember one more photo she received, you won't be the one facing a problem it will be your family, " I said smirking seeing his fear face

"Yes sir" he replied hurriedly

"Now get lost, " I said

Yes, you all guess is right I am trying to find the person who is trying to bring my true face in front of Eli. She is not only getting my intimating pictures with other girls but also the pictures of me Killing people. I don't want to show her this side of me. She is naive, sweet and innocent like a kitten that's the thing I love about her the most.

I still remember the first time I saw her, she came for giving an interview. I wanted to make her my assistant but I got to know she is applying for head accounting manager. So I didn't react. But I wanted her to be mine, as the days incre

ase mine wants for her increased. And seeing her with other men made my blood boil.

So I made a trap for her, in which she fall directly. Yes, the goons that night was set by me, and it was not like by chance I reached and save her I was sitting in my car little away from them and was admiring my little kitten trying to fight them. But it was useless for her.

After that, I became her Knight in shining armour. And I made slowly, slowly progress first I made friendship then after 2 months, I proposed her. But I have not bedded her yet. Because she wants to stay virgin till marriage. That's why I prefer to sleep with other girls but it's secret no one knows it. The girls get enough money to shut their mouth but Don't know how these images are leaking of mine and from where he is getting it?

Suddenly my phone rang to see Elizabeth calling, I pick it up to hear her crying, " What happened baby?" I asked

"Jos dad....heart..... hospital...ICU.... operation" she said

I smirk listening to that

Elizabeth POV

I and my parents were having dinner when suddenly dad started coughing, and hold his chest tightly. I and Mom went towards him.

"Dad Dad what Happened" I shouted

"Chase chase" my mom shouted

I got up from the ground and picked up my phone, and call for an ambulance. In 15 mins, the ambulance came and they carried my dad in it. We sat in the ambulance holding his hand. They had already attached an oxygen mask and other essential things. Soon we reached the hospital. And dad was direct shifṭed to ICU. After the sometime doctor came out and inform us about Dad...

"Mr Chase Samson relatives" nurse asked

"Yes we are, " I said

"Your father has got a heart attack as it 2nd and major one we have to do operation" doctor said

"Operation" mom said

"Deposit 2 crore at reception so we could start the operation" doctor said and entered the ICU again

Mom sat on the nearby chair with a thud, I know we couldn't afford this much amount of money. H**l we couldn't be able to arrange lakhs this is in crore. I call Joseph and inform him about the current situation, he said he will be there in a minute.

Soon after 30 mins, Joseph came. At that time I was trying to arrange some money. I was talking with our relatives and friends but they all refused to help.

"Eli, how much?"Joseph asked

"No Jos I can't take your money, " I said

"My money is yours too, " he said

"No no, " I said standing up

"Ok marry me then this money will be yours too, " He said

"Jos but...." I started saying but he kept his finger on my lips.

"Marry me, " he said

I nodded my head as it's was important for Dad to get his treatment. He smiled and we left towards the receptionist.

Joseph POV

Ah my another plan worked, yes the reason for her father's heart attack was me. Actually, it's not a heart attack it was just a normal gas problem. I did this to make her agree to marry me because I know if I would have asked her directly then she would have refused me. Because of the things going on. Now as she agreed I will change my Casanova image. I will now become only hers.

Currently, I am filling the form and other formalities. Where is she? Where has she gone? It's been 1hr 30 min she went to attend her friend call. I was going to see what happened when I received a call.

"Hello Joseph, " the person said

"Who is this, " I asked

"It's not important. I wanted to say your girlfriend is with me" he said

"What the h**l" I shouted

"Shout as much as you want but now she is mine, " he said and cut the call.

I quickly called my P.A and told him to trace the number. When I received another call and I pick it up to see Enzi calling.

"Sir I have all poof now, " he said

"Not now Enzi, I am in other problem, " I said

"Sir it includes your girlfriend too, " he said giving me a shock

"Come at the office we will discuss their, " I said and cut the call

I said bye to Elizabeth's mom and told her that I am taking Eli with me. She agreed thinking about her daughter's health and I went away to my office.

What is the thing that includes Eli? Hope so she is alright.

Soon I reached office, as today was Sunday so no one was present here. I directly went towards my office when I saw a shadow passing.

"Who's there?" I shouted

And suddenly I heard the sound of someone running I ran behind the shadow to see a man running. I ran behind when I realized he was going to take a fire exit, so I took the nearest thing in my hand, which was a table lamp and threw it towards his legs. Making him stumble down the stairs as he was nearest to the exit. I received a phone call from security saying they caught him. I told them to take him to underground cells.

And I walk again towards my cabin. And saw Enzi already present outside my cabin. I opened my cabin door. And we entered.

"I am impressed with you I gave you 2 months you did the work in 3 weeks, " I said taking the file from him

"Sir thank you for believing me, " he said

"Tell me what were you saying on the phone, " I said

"Sir about that. The person betraying you is Xavier. He was giving information about our company to our rival" he said

"That. Ba****d, how dare he" I shouted

"Sir that's not at all, he was sending your personal pictures to your girlfriend, " he said

"What the...." I said

"Sir I came to know that he was behind her from many years, but mam didn't want anything with him other than friendship, " he said

"Happy to know that, " I said smirking

"Sir before you came here I got to know that he had kidnapped mam, and send off his men to steal the new project file, " he said

"Do you know his location?" I asked

"Not yet sir" he replied

"I know the perfect person who will know that, come, " I said

And move towards the secret door of my cabin which is hidden in the walls. It was actually another lift to underground cells. We both got into it. In a few minutes, we reached down. I walked in the dark hallways with him. And stop near the cells where voices were coming

"Did he said something?" I asked

"Not yet sir" Rony my Bodyguard replied

"Ok don't tell what were you here for but at least tell your boss location, " I said

"Never, " he said spitting blood

"You Know me right what I can do then why are you forcing me to do it, " I said

"I don't know his address, " he said suddenly in fear

" Is that so?"I asked he nodded

"Bring the special box for our guest, " I said to one of the men

"Sir no one in his family" another man of mine replied whom I send to inquire about him

"Here it is sir, " Rony said

"So let's start, " I said

After a long 3 hours section of electrical current, removing his nails, then fingers, then hitting him with Hunter, then adding some chilli powder on it, then splashing water on his wound. Finally, he spoke.

"Stop....stop I will tell you, " he said

"Go..." I was going to say something but in between

"Sir my men have found the location of mam, " Enzi said all of sudden

"Oh poor guy, now we don't need you anymore, " I said

"" he started begging but my men were already started surrounding him...

I, Enzi and my other men started walking out following the location provided us.

"He is hiding in his grandparent's house, in the basement, " Enzi said

"How many people are there with him?" I asked

"No one, " he said

"That's greater, " I said smirking

Soon we reached an old house, which was 2 storey. And we started walking towards the entrance. When we reach we heard someone talking.

"Why the h**l he is not picking up the phone" Xavier shouted

"Maybe because he is dead, " I said smugly

I look around and saw my baby on couch unconscious. And she has some blood on her forehead. Which made my blood boil in anger.

"XAVIER" I shouted

"What I am standing why are you shouting, " he said keeping his one finger in his ear and shaking it.

"You dare to touch her, " I said and walked towards him

You *punch* how*kick* dare*punch* you *kick* touch *punch* her. *Kick"She *punch* is *kick*;mine*punch* only *kick* mine. *Punch* You *kick* hurt *punch* her *punch* I *kick* will kill you. And he fell on the ground.

"Thanks for making her unconscious, " I said and remove my gun from my waistband.

"Goodbye Xavier, " I said shoot him

Where the sun doesn't shine. Next in his one arm then left leg. Then right-hand right leg. Then directly in his heart.

With that, I carried her in my arms away from this evil man. And sat in my car. She opened her eyes but I told her to sleep for some more time.

As now she is trapped with me for her whole life. Trapped with a ruthless Billionaire.

The End

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