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   Chapter 1 Sold To Be Billionaire's Maid

Exclusive Romantic Shots By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 14918

Updated: 2020-01-20 17:42

Adara POV

Assalamualaikum everyone, I am Adara Mansoor. I am 19-year-old, green eyes, black hair. I live in India. I am orphan, so couldn't afford to study more than 12 standards. Currently, I am looking for a job my last job was babysitting.

Yes, I do babysitting, but the family had to shift out of the country so they removed me from my job. Yesterday I saw an advertisement for babysitter in the newspaper.

It was near my apartment, which I rented. They were providing everything including living their, food and all. Just they need a babysitter for the whole day.

I pack my essential things required for an interview and walk out of my apartment, locking it before leaving. I prefer walking as it will take 15 mins to reach there.

I started walking and reached, the address given in the newspaper. I entered there, to see many girls waiting for their turn for the interview. My number was 10 so it will take time for my interview. So I started playing a game on my phone while waiting for the interview.

After 2hrs my number came. I was allowed to go inside by a maid. As I entered I saw a couple sitting beside each other and discussing something.

"Please sit down, " the woman said

I sat on the chair in front of them. And gave my resume to them. But they kept it aside and saw me from head to toe. Then they gave each other a weird look.

"What's your name?" Women asked

"Adara Mansoor, " I said

"Ok, Miss Mansoor. I am Zara and this is my husband Zunaid" Zara said

"Hello, " I said

"Are you a virgin?" Zunaid asked

I was shocked by their question and look at them with wide eyes.

"Sorry if you minded his question, but it's for our baby we have to know everything about the person we are going to keep, " Zara said apologising.

"Ah, yes I am a virgin" I replied

"Any boyfriend, " Zara asked

"No " I replied hesitantly

"Ok you may leave we will call you if you are selected, " Zunaid said

"But you didn't ask anything related to my job, " I said

"Oh don't worry we have your resume so it's not needed, " Zara said

I nodded and left from there. So weird people. Who asked such type of questions in the interview. As I left I felt some eyes on me. But I ignore it and started walking towards my house. But the feeling never left me.

As I was walking I suddenly heard car noise and a black van park in front of me. Before I could react there come out 4 men wearing a black mask. And kept a cloth on my nose soon everything went black the last thing I remember was being pushed in the back of the van.

After a few hours

It's hard to open my eyes, it feels like some heavy loads are kept on them. And my head it hurts so much it feels like someone has hammered hammer on my head continuously.

Finally, I managed to open my eyes and look around to see it's dark only light coming in from bulb on the ceiling. I look around some more girls like me present. I recognize some girls were present in the interview I went for. Some were conscious and some were unconscious.

Suddenly the door open and walk in 5-6 men's. All were wearing black and white suits. Leaving the man standing between them he was wearing a red and white suit. They look at us and then the men standing in between indicates towards me and 3 other girls. Then 4 men came forward and one hold one girl in their hand.

And took us out.

We were told to climb stairs, I don't where were we are but the thing we are on is shaking continuously. We climb up to see we were surrounded by water from all sides. We were actually on a ship and taken somewhere by our kidnappers.

"So girls I think you all up to now would have understood you are kidnapped, and where are you?" The leader said

"I am J.A the boss of human trafficking. So you must now know that the interview you went for was fake one" he said

"But why are we here?" One of the girls asked

"As I said I am the boss of human trafficking, so I am selling you all, " he said

"What, " we all said

Some girl started crying, somewhere like me in confusion and others didn't know what to do.

"Yes, we are soon reaching the Arabian sea. There we will give you all to your respective owners. We had already made the deal" he said

Soon the ship was stopped on the dork. And we were taken by the ropes which bounded our hands. Ropes were open one by one. And they stood some men's in their 40's-50's.

"Here what you demanded, Shaikh sir, " J.A said giving me to a men

The men were around 60's, turbine on his head, and was in long kurta and pyjama. Grey eyes that showing him more evil. As he looks towards me I shivered in fear. And he smirks seeing me.

"J.A you never disappoint me in the girl's matter, " Shaikh said

"My money" J. A said and laughed

"Here's you 1, 000, 000 Riyal as we talk, " Shaikh said

"Thank you" saying this J.A walk off again towards the ship.

Men behind Shaikh started dragging me towards the exit. And Shaikh walking ahead of us. Soon we came across Limos parked in the parking lot.

Shaikh entered one of the Limo, and the men dragging me drag me towards the same limo. I was sat at the back of the car with Shaikh.

"You will address me as master nor sir nor by my name. Understood?" He suddenly said

I nodded

"You will work as Maid in my house, " he said

I was a relief after listening to this and nodded again

"But, .." he said.

I look towards him again and saw evilness again

"I have a son around 25 he is a billionaire, if he wants to change anything related to you then I won't disagree with him, " he said in a firm voice

I gulped my saliva listening to this, what if he changes my duty. Oh no.

"There will be some rules you should always follow, breaking any rules will lead you to severe punishment, " he said again

"And do not try to run because theirs no chance you can run away from us. The security will be very tight. And you won't like what will we do with you after catching you. And their will everything you need there so don't try to run" he said

There was complete silence for a few minutes.

"Do you talk?" He suddenly asked

"Yes, " I said

"Good I taught you were mute and I wasted my money on you, " he said

I didn't say anything.

"Again silence, good I don't like to listen it's good that you don't talk. You know your place" he said

"Excuse me, " I asked

"You are nothing but dirt under my shoes, so always remember this. Never cross the boundaries I made for you" he said holding my hair very tightly.

The hold was so tight it looks like my hair will come out of scalped any second, I managed somehow to nod.

"Good here we are, " he said

As the car entered the huge gates of a mansion. Which nothing but beautiful. But it was a prison for me, and I was the prisoner of this beautiful mansion.

After 2 years

It's been 2 years of me working here. 2 years as I was kidnapped and sold to my master. 2 years of serving him and his son Adeel. Through which came to know they are Billionaires. And their family tradition is to buy a slave or maid every year from different countries.

I am neither happy nor sad Working here. Because I was given food, shelter and everything for Working here. But it's been 2 years I have seen the bright sunlight. 2 years that I have stepped out of this mansion. And I was sad because of it. Everyone here has a different job. Gardening, cooking, bringing stuff for

cooking, cleaning rooms, cleaning bathrooms for different chores different maids were theirs. My work is of arranging dining table and cleaning it.

Once I tried to run away from this prison but the punishment I got I haven't forgotten yet. I was starved for months. And given the work of cleaning basements. Where they keep their slaves and their enemies. And I must tell you that place smells like hell, you won't like to go their ever. And was also bitten with the hunter by my Master. I still have marks of it. I was daily beaten with a hunter for one month.

"Assalamualaikum beautiful" Aadeel said suddenly coming from behind

"Walelekumasalam Aadeel, " I said giving him smile

One thing good about this place is, unlike his father Aadeel was good from heart. And he is the only friend of mine here. As no one here is allowed to talk with each other. He came back after the month of my punishment was over. He took care of me, and never let his father harm me after that.

"So what's for breakfast?" He asked

"I don't know as I am not the cook, " I said

"Oh ya you don't even C of cooking, " he said smirking

"Adeel, " I said angrily

And he laughed more seeing my angry face. I threw the napkin that was in my hand at him. But suddenly the loud voice stops our talking.

"Adara" Master shouted

"Father, " Aadeel said

"How dare you throw that dirty napkin at my son, " Master said and slapped me on my face

"Father" Aadeel shouted

"What father? Because of you, she is behaving like this. It's you who don't allow me to discipline her properly. Or till now she would have known her place properly" Master said angrily

"Father we were just playing, " Aadeel said

"How many time do I have to tell you she and you have no match. You can't even be enemy with her friends is far away from it" Master said and this brought tears in my eyes

"Father don't say like this" Aadeel said

"You apologize for your mistake now, " Master said

"Adeel" I started saying but received another tight slap from Master

"Address him properly, " Master said

"Sorry master, young Master forgive me for my mistake, " I said holding my now swollen check

"You are forgiven, " Aadeel said

"No you are not, you won't be eating anything whole day, " Master said

"Father..." Adeel tried to say something

"Yes Master, " I said

"Remember to prepare the dining table properly tonight, our special guest is coming he should be happy if not then" he stopped giving up spoken warning

"Yes, Master, " I said and walk out of the dining room.

In Evening

The table was all set, with new plates and bowls with matching glass. The table cloth is red with white napkins on them.

Masters special guest has already arrived and they were discussing something, suddenly the dining room doors open and entered Master, Aadeel and of the same age of Adeel. But he had some aura around like Master carries the aura of evil. But I couldn't catch his aura.

He looked Handsome in his blue Armani suit. He has dark blue eyes which held so authority, his nose was sharp and he some beard on his face making him hotter. What are you thinking Adara if Master caught you staring at him like this he will kill you. But as I was about to remove my gaze from him I caught him staring at me right back.

"Slave is everything ready, " Master asked

"Yes Master, " I said

I don't know why but when Master called me Slave I saw him clenching his fist and teeth. As if controlling his anger. Soon the other maids come for serving the dinner so I excuse myself from there.

Aaqib POV

Assalamualaikum, I am Aaqib Qureshi, I am Prince of Sadan and millionaire of this country. I own many hotels and restaurant. I have dark blue eyes and black hairs.

Currently, I am at one my business partner and best friend Aadeel house. I was here to discuss a new project we were going to start together. As we finish our meeting Aadeel's father said we should move towards the dining room.

As soon as I entered I came face to face with an angel. She was standing there arranging the table. Why was she doing she would be my queen she doesn't deserve all this.

Suddenly, I saw her looking towards me or I can say checking me out. Look baby nicely look I am all yours. I said in my mind and smirk.

Suddenly Aadeel's father called her Slave which boiled my blood with anger. I gritted my teeth and my hand turn into a fist I control myself. And look up to see her gone. I was disappointed.

Suddenly Aadeel's father's phone rang and he excuses himself.

"You like her right" suddenly Aadeel asked

"What?" I said

"I saw you looking at Adara, " he said

"So, " I said smiling from inside

"Take her away from here my father will kill her if she stays here, " he said all of sudden

"What that means Aadeel, "I asked

"I love her and want to marry her, and my father knows this. So he is torturing her even more" he said tears in his eyes

"Why don't you ask her to marry me?"

I ask

"Because she sees me as a friend, nothing more, " he said

And I don't know why but I felt happy listening to this.

"But will your father let me take her, " I said

"Do anything but take her?" he said

"Hello boys, " Mr Shaikh said as he entered again

"Hello" we replied

"So what were you two talking about, " he asked

"Uncle actually I wanted something, " I said

"What is it?" He asked curiously

"I want your Maid that was arranging the table, " I said

"But why and I couldn't give you her as I have bought her, " he said folding his hand on his chest

"I will pay you to double the amount you bought her, how much?" I asked

"5, 000, 000 Riyal, " he said

I knew by his eyes he was lying but I have to save Adara.

"I will give you 50, 000, 000, " I said removing chequebook.

I signed and gave him the check. His face was priceless as he couldn't believe I gave him that much money. I shook my head.

I and Adeel walk towards Adara room. He knocks at her room door. She opened and was shocked to see us.

"Ade... Young Master, you want something" she said

"You can call me by my name Adara, he is my best friend Aaqib, " he said

"Hello, " I said and smiled

"Adara you go with him he will keep you safe and will protect you from others, " he said

"But Master, " she said in fear

And that was enough for me, I can't see her like this.

"Adeel you go I will talk to her, " I said

"Are you sure?" he asked

I blinked my eyes indicating yes, and he went away.

"Adara, " I said and kept my hand on her shoulder

She flinches and moves away, I control my anger again.

"Adara I am here to confess something to you, " I said

"Is it?" she asked innocently

"I love you, Adara, you might be thinking I am crazy but no I fall for you after seeing you downstairs only, " I said

"But you don't know me, " she said

"I know everything about you, " I said

"But Master won't allow, " she said but I kept my finger on her soft lips

"You love me, " I asked

She nodded

" Then nothing can stop me from having you, " I said and hugged her

With that, I took her away from her prison. Without saying anything about buying her again from that evil knowing very well she won't like it.

After that, we went to my kingdom with her and announced her to be the queen in front of the whole kingdom and media. I announced our marriage too...

The End

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