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Exclusive Romantic Shots By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 735

Updated: 2020-01-20 17:41

This book will have have different themes for every stories.

This will be a short stories, which will have only 1 chapter if story gets to long it will be 4 chapter, for each stories. Hope you all will enjoy the book.

Points to be noted before reading

➡ This story is mine not copied.

➡ Do not copy this story.

➡ No bashing allowed.

➡ Have problem wi

th the story or any problem related to it, PM me personally.

➡ No mature contents.

➡ May contain some grammatical mistakes, so please cope with it.

➡ If like it please vote and comment your views.

➡ I will be writing few short stories from today onwards and if you like any of the short story so much and want it as a full length novel, please comment

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