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   Chapter 426 My Ring And My Money

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When Viola was unable to deal with Bernard, Viola quickly broke free from his hand and took the ring from his palm.

"I say, you cannot do that. I have got it first." Seeing the ring was taken away, Bernard's face ached.

Viola took the ring in her hand and glanced at him coldly. "I should have said that to you."

"How about we sell it and each get half profit?" Bernard gritted his teeth in pain and said to her in a tone of discussion.

The smile on Viola's face lit up in an instant. "Don't even think about it."

Viola looked at the ring on her hand and gave it to Maynard.

"Ah, my ring, my money." The idea of making money was broken, Bernard raised his head and wailed.

As if she hadn't heard him, Viola told Maynard with a long face, "I've done what you want me to do. I hope you can keep your word."

Maynard picked up the ring from her hand and took a look at it. His eyes had no feeling. He sneered, "The ring is not even worth one thousand dollars."

What? Not worth it?

Viola was dumbfounded. She grabbed Bernard's collar and flushed with anger. "Tell me, where did you put it? How dare you trick me again!"

With the same confused look on his face, Bernard came back to his senses from the state of being grabbed and shaking. He explained in a hurry, "Calm down. I held the ring from beginning to end. In the state of being tied, I was afraid of being discovered, so I didn't have time to change it. "

Viola stopped grabbing him. She looked at him for a while and said with doubt, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. I can swear to you." Bernard said helplessly.

At a loss for words, Viola threw the difficult problem to Maynard and asked, "Mr. Chu, what are you going to do with him?"

Bernard changed his face and said, "No, it's none of your business."

Viola pretended not to hear it again.

"Let's go." After taking a look at Bernard, Maynard pulled her out.

"Hey, can you untie me before you leave?" Bernard lowered his head and shouted at the backs of the two.

During this period, Viola turned around and made a face gloatingly. Then she strode forward without

d it was her fault and scolded her for being incompetent. Waah... Waah... "

"Calm down." Maynard pressed the position near his temple.

At this moment, Viola couldn't hear a word. She was immersed in sadness, and her tears seemed to be wiping more and more. "You don't understand. You don't understand either. Why do you blame the heroine? She is not willing to do that, and she is also desperate."

"Do you want to see it or not?" Maynard said helplessly.

It was not until then that Viola stopped crying. She wiped her tears and continued to watch the plot of the TV play with her red eyes. However, the more she read, the more she found something wrong, because

"Okay Ah... "

When Viola saw the man comforting the woman, the two of them couldn't help but roll up the bed sheet. The ambiguous sound, the violent shaking of the bed, even if there was a curtain outside, she could easily guess it.

Her brain went blank and the remoter in her hand fell to the ground.

"Is this the tragedy you are talking about?" Maynard sneered, "Are you kidding me?"

Viola came to her senses at the first time. She picked up the remoter in a hurry and turned off the TV in a hurry.

Viola turned her head mechanically to look at him, with a dry smile on her face. "Well, well, the TV series nowadays are too impure. How can I show you this?"

Maynard's tall and slender body slowly approached her.

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