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   Chapter 424 Sell You At A Good Price

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When Viola heard this, her whole body trembled uncontrollably. She was surprised and felt the deep malice.

A cold light flashed through his eyes, and then Bernard gave Jerry a look to let him know.

"Okay, it's settled then. You stay here for a while." After making the decision, Jerry looked at the two bodyguards and said, "You guard outside the door and lock the window."

"Yes, sir." Two foreign bodyguards answered in unison.

Seeing the door slammed shut, Viola looked at Bernard worriedly and spluttered, "Look at what you have done. Just think of a way!"

"Now that things have become like this, what else can we do?" Looking at the rope tied back to his hands and feet, Bernard shrugged helplessly.

Blue veins stood out on Viola's forehead. Suddenly, something occurred to her. With sympathy and pity on her face, she asked, "Do you really want him to find someone to hurt you?"

After saying that, she instinctively looked at his reproductive organ. As if he had expected, Bernard clamped his legs tightly and his face was pale.

"You are just a woman. Can you stop saying this?" Bernard said word by word, gritting his teeth.

Viola looked away sulkily and coughed awkwardly. "Don't blame me. Think about it. Are you really going to be stabbed?"

Just listening to it made her feel pain.

"You are right." Bernard became worried and his face changed, "No, you can't sit still and wait for death!"

Seeing that he became anxious, Viola finally felt relieved. She racked her brains to find a way to escape and muttered, "The window is sealed and there is someone at the door. What should we do?"

Taking a look at her, Bernard asked hesitantly, "As the woman of Maynard, don't you call him for help when you are in danger?"

Viola was stunned and rolled her eyes. "I asked him for help ten times, but he didn't help me eight times."

"Let's try." An inexplicable light flashed through Bernard's eyes.

Looking at the dress on


"Do you really think our boss will send him to have an operation for him?"

"Shut up!" Another bodyguard came in and shouted, "Do you want to die?"

The bodyguard realized something and shut up immediately.

Noticing their strangeness, Viola got upset in an instant.

"Your boss likes to lure some good-looking men and women to auction in underground places abroad, doesn't he?" Bernard's eyes were as cold as ice, completely different from his previous carelessness.

The two bodyguards' eyes were full of shock and fear.

Shock surged in Viola's heart, and her face turned pale. "You Do you mean they are perverts? "

Or did he sell anyone for money?

"What do you think?" Bernard glanced at her coldly.

Viola was in a trance.

A crisp sound of slap came from the outside, and then the door opened. Jerry came in with a golden haired girl. He said with an expression of admiration, "No wonder you are a beautiful thief. I can't hide anything from you."

"You too." Leaning against the wall, Bernard didn't feel like he was tied up at all. Instead, he looked calm.

At this moment, Viola suddenly felt that her brain was not enough.

"Don't worry. When we go abroad, I will sell you at a good price." Sitting on the chair, Jerry paused and looked at her. "And you, Mrs. Chu."

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