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   Chapter 417 There Are Bodyguards Everywhere

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Hearing this, Viola had a bad feeling. She struggled away from him. Maynard didn't tighten her heavily. As a result, she easily got off him.

"I don't need to watch TV. I can check it with my phone." Viola took a few steps back. After keeping a distance from him, she took out her mobile phone and logged in the search engine to search for the results of the development program of the New East City. After opening the website, she clicked in and found that it was indeed the Jiang Group that had won the bidding at a price one percent higher than the Chu Group.

With a confused look at Maynard, Viola asked, "What on earth do you want to say?"

With a mischievous look in his eyes, Maynard said concisely, "The development plan is too complicated. I didn't think it would work. Thank you for helping me give up this project."

All of a sudden, Viola understood what he meant. A chill climbed up her back. She couldn't accept it and widened her eyes. "You mean you have tricked me, along with others?"

"You can think so. Thank you for giving me the chance to cheat." Maynard said with an evil and attractive smile. His dark eyes were full of sincerity.

Seeing him in the eye, Viola thought to herself, 'Damn it! It's so sincere!'!

It took her a long time to digest the fact that she had caused the mysterious person to be tricked. Viola took three deep breaths in a row to calm down. "You found that I had an impure motive from the beginning, didn't you?"

Maynard nodded slightly and hit her mercilessly. "You are unable to hide anything in heart. Others could easily find it."

"Ha ha." Viola put her phone on the table and looked at him with clenched teeth. "So, what are you going to do to me?"

Maynard frowned in confusion. "Why do you think so? You helped me. Thank you so much."

Viola felt like vomiting blood. She ground her teeth secretly, but did not say anything.

"Go to bed. We'll go back to A City tomorrow. There's a good play waiting for you." The smile on Maynard's face disappeared without a trace, and his face was expressionless.

A shiver ran down Viola's spi

ighed bitterly and her eyes inadvertently fixed on the window. All of a sudden, her eyes lit up. She stood up, ran to the window and opened it——

But she saw two bodyguards walking back and forth under the window.

The two bodyguards downstairs heard the noise and looked up at her at the same time.

Viola smiled at the two, and then closed the window when the two were confused.

She scratched her hair irritably and howled helplessly, "There are bodyguards everywhere. What should I do?"

Frowning, Viola bit her finger and thought for a while. Finally, she came up with a solution.

Just then, her phone rang.

Hearing the ringtone of a message, Viola hurried to pick up her phone, unlocked the screen with her fingertips, and clicked into the message mailbox. She saw the message from the mysterious person, which read: Cheater!

Viola's eyes froze on it for a moment. She knew that the exclamation mark on it fully showed the anger of the mysterious man, but in this way, she was also angry.

Clenching her teeth, Viola typed quickly in the editing box with her fingertips: You are the cheater! Your whole family are cheaters!

After editing, Viola clicked the send button. She raised her head and suddenly saw Maynard's half smiling face. She got anxious and threw her phone on the bed behind her.

"What are you looking at? Why are you so obsessed?" Maynard's eyes darkened.

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