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   Chapter 415 What Are You Doing Here

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It was fine that Viola didn't hear this. As soon as she heard it, she flew into a rage and hit him with the other hand holding the clothes. But as soon as she put it into action, she was caught by Maynard quickly.

Viola's face turned pale with anger. She struggled again, stared at him and gritted her teeth. "What did I do to you? I'll change, okay?"

Viola was on the verge of breaking down. Why was it so difficult to use the hair dryer?

"Don't be so stubborn. A leopard cannot change its spots." Maynard's words hit the nail on the head, and there was no difference on his face.

Viola almost lost her balance. She glared at him and compromised, "I won't borrow the hair dryer. Can you let me go now?"

Maynard gave her a look to let her understand it by herself.

"I really don't know. It turns out that you are so easy to give up." Maynard looked at her coldly.

The sight made Viola's scalp tingle. She swallowed hard and said, "I'm so unlucky to meet you."

"That's right. I like it." A light flashed in Maynard's eyes. He loosened his grip on her wrist.

What did she say?

Viola got rid of the grip and was confused.

When Maynard turned around and glanced at her, a faint smile played at the corners of his mouth. "You want to borrow a hair dryer. Let's go."

Staring at his back for a while, Viola didn't move.

"What's wrong?" Maynard looked back and frowned.

With a slight hesitation on her face, Viola looked at him without blinking, with a trace of uncertainty in her eyes. "Should I borrow it now, or not?"

With his arms crossed, Maynard looked at her leisurely and said, "Whatever."

Then he went upstairs.

The expression on Viola's face changed. She clenched her fists and finally made up her mind. "Then I borrow it."

On the second floor, Viola put the clothes on her left hand and blew the dress with the warmest wind on her right hand. The sound of the hair dryer was particularly loud in the room.

After an hour's drying, the dress in Viola's hand was finall

after she went in, she regretted deeply.

Viola took the little girl and Ann to the guest room. She turned on the light and looked at the two, "Well, you can stay here tonight."

The little girl and Ann looked at each other, and the little girl blinked her watery eyes and said, "Aunt Mary, would you like to sleep with us tonight?"

A cold sweat dripped from Viola's forehead. "Why, why?"

The little girl's eyes lit up in an instant, and her voice was as sweet as honey. "Then someone will tell me a story and eat snacks with me."

A black line was drawn on Viola's forehead. She moved away from her without being noticed. "It's okay to tell stories, but aren't you afraid of getting dental cavities?"

The light in the little girl's eyes dimmed. She turned around and whispered, "I'm so cute. Why can't I eat the snacks I want?"

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched imperceptibly. When she was about to persuade her, her phone rang. She took it out and saw Maynard's number on the screen

After thinking for a while, Viola still didn't answer the phone. She went straight to the door of their room After knocking at the door and getting the permission of Maynard, she pushed the door open and walked in

After entering the room, Viola met Maynard's windy eyes and livid face. Her eyelids twitched, and she had a bad feeling

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