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   Chapter 411 Can You Hold It

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When Viola saw the car parking by the sea, she was a little stunned. "It's almost evening. Why do you come to the sea?"

Maynard lowered the window and said calmly, "Look outside."

Viola didn't understand what to look at. She muttered in a low voice and looked outside through the car window. She saw white sand and blue sea outside.

Viola was speechless. "Nothing special."

"Keep watching." Maynard unfastened the seat belt and lay in the seat, closing his eyes for rest.

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched, but she still looked out cooperatively. Not far away, two children walked out of a house which was at the seaside.

And the two were Ann and the little girl.

Upon seeing this, Viola couldn't stay calm anymore. She pushed the door open and was about to get out, but there was a knock from the car. Before getting out the car, she forgot to open the seat belt on her body. She didn't expect that she was bounced back and her head hit the door seat.

Rubbing her aching head, Viola felt like weeping but had no tears.

"Clumsy." Hearing the noise, Maynard didn't open his eyes, but mocked.

Viola restrained her expression and rolled her eyes. "You are the one who is clumsy."

Maynard snorted ambiguously.

Grinding her teeth secretly, Viola took two deep breaths, calmed down, unfastened the seat belt on her, and ran out happily.

She ran towards Ann and the little girl. She stretched out her hands and pounced on them. "Ann, I miss you so much. Come and hug me!"

Ann avoided her embrace expressionlessly and approached the little girl.

Viola was unhappy. She said sadly, "Ann..."

Ann didn't even bother to look at her.

A hint of slyness flashed in Viola's eyes. She thought she would take advantage of him, so she pounced on him. However, Ann quickly pulled the little girl in front of her. Although Viola didn't miss this time, she held the little girl in her arms.

"Aunt Mary, thank you for hugging me. But my mother said that I couldn't be hugged casually, espec

"He is still a child."

"What?" Maynard approached her gradually. With his slender fingers, he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, a little threatening.

Feeling the coldness from his fingertips, Viola shivered and avoided it. However, the heel of her high heels was broken. She couldn't help but fall back, and behind her was the blue water.

With a plop, Viola fell into the sea. Before she could stand up, a big wave hit her and she was wet from head to foot.

Getting up from the sea, Viola saw Maynard, Ann and the little girl standing on the beach, watching a play. She raised her hand and wiped the water dripping from above her head.

After she could see something clearly in front of her eyes, Viola looked at the three people angrily, "Why not pull me?"

"Well, you can come up. Come on." The little girl reached out her hand and made a fist shape. Looking at the pink dress on her body, she muttered in a low voice, "My dress is new. I can't get it wet."

The gratitude on Viola's face disappeared without a trace. Her expression was numb. "Do you really think that I can't hear you?"

The little girl shut her mouth.

Looking at Ann, Viola's eyes suddenly became pitiful. "Ann, please comfort me."

"Don't hold too much hope. Just ask him for help." Ann looked at Maynard, and the implication was self-evident.

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