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   Chapter 406 Just Tell Her The Truth

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Viola pressed the door. After a while, when she thought no one was opening the door, the door opened in front of her.

"It's you. Come in." Zarian smiled faintly when he saw her.

Clenching her fists, Viola glared at him and followed him in boldly.

The moment the door was closed, she looked at Zarian, who had changed so much that she almost didn't know him. She couldn't tell what kind of feeling she had.

"Water or juice?" Zarian came to the fridge, opened the door and asked her.

Instead of answering, Viola looked at his back for a long time.

Zarian hadn't heard the sound for a long time. He turned around and looked at her with a warm smile. "What are you thinking about?"

Looking at him with a little mockery, Viola denied, "No, I'm not in a daze. Give me a bottle of juice."

Zarian took a bottle of juice from the kitchen and handed it to her.

Looking at the bottle of juice, Viola didn't take it.

"What are you thinking about?" The smile on Zarian's face was still the same.

With a slight smile, Viola showed her standard eight teeth. "I'm just wondering if you will poison me in the juice."

She had taken those photos when she was asleep and sent them to Maynard. How bold she was to stay in this hotel under her watch.

"You must be kidding. I don't need to do this to you." Zarian's eyes twinkled. Seeing that she didn't seem to take it, he put it on the table.

Crossing her arms over her chest, the bright smile on Viola's face did not reach the bottom of her eyes. "I was drunk yesterday. Did you send me to the hotel?"

"Yes, do you want to thank me?" Zarian's eyes flashed with a very fast light, which was too fast to be caught.

A wry smile appeared on Viola's face. She grabbed his tie and said, "You must have taken some photos to Maynard!"

Viola almost used all her strength to shout out these words.

Seeing that she had said so, Zarian didn't pretend anymore. He got rid of her hand and slowly dusted the dust on h

Pointing at Viola, Ivy was exasperated and tears fell from her eyes.

Viola hid behind Zarian and was speechless. She played with her hair gloatingly and blew it from time to time. It seemed that it had nothing to do with her.

Zarian looked at Ivy. He was upset and helpless. "You go back first. I'll explain it to you another day."

"No, thanks!" Ivy wiped her tears and looked at the two with clenched teeth. "Now that things have become like this, I just want to know who you choose between me and her."

Nodding her head like a chicken pecking rice, Viola leaned close to Zarian's ear and said maliciously, "I also want to know who you choose."

She silently praised her own wisdom. Zarian had made her so miserable, so don't blame her for giving him a dose of his own medicine.

"Make it clear. If I didn't bring you back, it would be another man who took you away!" Zarian turned to look at her with anger in his eyes.

Shrugging her shoulders, Viola spread out her hands and said, "As you said, I should thank you for sending the photos to Maynard and letting him catch adultery?"

"I didn't expect you to be so eloquent." Zarian laughed in anger.

Ignoring Ivy]'s distorted face, Viola poked Zarian's chest with her finger and said, "Whoever dares to make me unhappy, I'll make him unhappy!"

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