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   Chapter 405 Break Up Or Kill Me

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When Viola heard this word, an unknown anger surged up in her heart. "Maynard, what kind of feud do I have with you? You have to let her treat me like this!"

Speaking of this, she almost roared out with all her strength.

Maynard walked towards her. He looked at her in a cold eye, which was totally different from before. "You are so bold to sleep with another man."

Sleep with another man?

Viola's pupils suddenly dilated. She raised her hand and tucked the dripping hair behind her ear. "Which man do I sleep with?"

Maynard sneered.

"Look, that's all." Cherry took out a stack of photos from her bag and threw them at her, as if to vent her anger.

Viola quickly stepped back and took a picture from the flying photo. It was a photo of her and Zarian lying on the bed, who was kissing her forehead. She held the photo tighter.

When Viola held the photo, her fingertips turned white. She was shocked, and then her mind was in a mess. Then, she forced a smile and said, "Is this sleeping with a man?"

"What's this?" Seeing that Maynard didn't show any signs of speaking, Cherry pretended to be powerful and said, "Don't pretend now!"

As soon as Viola opened her hand that was holding the photo, she let the photo slide down from her fingertips. She smiled gently and said, "Don't say it doesn't matter. Even if it does, what does it have to do with you?"

"It's a good trick for you to sleep with another man while dating with Mr. Chu." The mockery on Cherry's face was still evident.

Looking at Maynard, Viola made no secret of the provocation in her eyes. "What do you want to do? Break up or kill me? "

Maynard, who had been watching the fight all the time, walked up to her and pinched her chin with his slender and powerful hands. His voice was so cold that it could be broken into pieces. "It seems that it's my fault that you sleep with another man."

He tightened his grip on her chin and hummed with satisfaction.

Viola laughed and glared at him. "I'm the kind of person who betray people."

The pressur

la tried her best to calm down. After calming down the tension and grievance, she felt a little relaxed.

The coldness made Viola shiver again. She tightened her clothes and turned into the bathroom.

Passing by the mirror, Viola saw an ambiguous mark on her neck. She thought that it might be Zarian who had done it, so she checked other parts carefully and found nothing unusual. When she breathed a sigh of relief, she gritted her teeth.

After taking a shower for nearly an hour, Viola slowly came out. She took out her cell phone and wanted to call Zarian to blame him, but she looked through the contact list and still didn't find it. Then she realized that she didn't have Zarian's number.

Viola got angry again. She was agitated and scratched her hair. When she looked at the bath towel on her body with hesitation, she decided to ask somebody to send two pieces of clean clothes here. After that, she planned to look for Zarian to punish him.

After the servant in the villa of the Jing Family brought the clothes for her, Viola changed her clothes and called someone to check the whereabouts of Zarian at the first time. At one o'clock in the afternoon, she finally knew that the hotel where Zarian lived was the same with hers.

With a sneer, Viola put away her phone and came to the door of the room where Zarian lived. She rang the doorbell.

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