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   Chapter 404 Did You Ask Her To Do It

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Seeing his smile, Viola stopped and frowned at him. "You haven't answered my question yet."

Zarian walked beside her with a faint smile in his eyes. "You are distressed, so I accompany you."

The smile on Viola's face had long disappeared. She refused expressionlessly, "Thank you."

After saying that, she took a deep breath to calm down. She didn't care about him anymore and quickened her pace.

Viola walked around the neighborhood and stopped at a bar after the night fell. She bit her fingers and began to wonder if she should go in.

"You're already here. Don't just stand there. Let's go inside." Zarian unhurriedly walked to her left side and held her hand to walk inside.

Before she made up her mind, Viola was pulled in. For a moment, the dynamic music was deafening, and men and women with all kinds of hair were dancing in the dancing floor.

Viola couldn't help but quarrel with those people. She followed Zarian to the bar counter, only to find that the man and woman on the other side of the bar were drinking and flirting with each other in extremely ambiguous words.

"A cup of deep water bomb." Zarian snapped his fingers and said to the male bartender in work clothes. Then he turned to Viola] and asked, "Miss Jing, what do you want?"

Withdrawing her sight, Viola looked at the bartender and waved her hand. "I haven't made up my mind for a while."

"Then I'll make the decision for you." Without looking at her, Zarian said to the bartender, "Give her a cup of Long Island ice tea."

The bartender nodded.

Grabbing Zarian's sleeve, Viola stared at him angrily, "You are crazy!"

"Although this name is a little bit ferocious, it is still very delicious." Zarian looked at her with a smile, without any strange expression in his eyes.

"Ha ha, do you think I'm stupid?" Viola sneered

The name was intoxicating.

Zarian just smiled without saying anything.

Whether Viola was willing or not, the barte

nt. There is nothing to dare or not!"

"Ah, I'm going to kill you!" Never being slapped in the face before, Cherry was extremely furious. She pounced on her and tried to grab her face.

Viola took two steps back and looked at something on the table, which was a red wine bottle.

Viola took it in her hand and smashed it on the table. The red wine and fragments splashed in all directions. She took the sharp end of the broken bottle and pointed it at Cherry.

Cherry stopped in horror when she saw the sharp bottle end.

Noticing her fear, Viola sneered, "Thank you for splashing me two times. But if you dare to come over, I'll scratch your face!"

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and pointed it at her face.

"How dare you!" Cherry covered her face with both hands. Her pupils were dilated with anger, and her breath was very weak. Apparently, she had some scruples.

Viola's eyes were as straight as a knife, which showed how angry she was as usual. "I'm very angry now. I can even destroy your heart!"

Cherry swallowed hard. Frightened, she ran to Maynard and complained tearfully, "Mr. Chu, I did what you said. You have to help me."

Hearing this, Viola was stunned. She pointed at Maynard and asked, "Did you ask her to do it?"

Maynard stood up and said, "Yes."

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