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   Chapter 402 You Are Likely To Be That Kind Of People

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Viola was so frightened that she took two steps back. Cold sweat began to break out on her forehead. When she didn't know how to explain, her phone rang.

Ignoring Maynard's ferocious gaze, Viola bit the bullet and took out her phone with her trembling hand.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Viola and Maynard arrived at the villa of the Shen Family. As soon as they entered the house, the two servants put two pairs of disposable slippers under their feet.

After changing her shoes one after another, Viola and Maynard walked in. They didn't see Mrs. Jing in the big living room. Just when she was about to ask the servant about the situation, Mrs. Jing's voice rang out.

"Here you are. Have a seat." Mrs. Jing walked downstairs with a gentle smile on her face.

After she stepped on the last step, Viola gave her a big hug and said, "Mom, I know you are home as soon as I hear your phone call."

Mrs. Jing also hugged her and patted her on the back.

When the two men almost hugged each other, they let go of each other.

"Mr. Chu, thank you very much for coming back with us at this time." After sitting down, Mrs. Jing looked at the man in a straight suit with appreciation in her eyes.

A faint smile appeared on Maynard's face. When he looked at Viola, there was an incomparably natural doting expression in his eyes. "No, I will do everything about Mary."

As if to make him sick, Viola held his arms with both hands and leaned her head on his shoulder shyly. "Maynard, you are so kind to me."

Viola got goose bumps all over her body when she said the disgusting words.

Viola tried her best to ignore this feeling. Seeing that the smile on Mrs. Jing's face couldn't stop, she looked at Maynard, only to find that his face darkened for a moment.

"Silly girl, you are so stupid and brainless. I won't rest assured if I don't look at you." Not to be outdone, Maynard fought back. With a gentle and pampering expression on his face, he pinched her nose.

Hearing what he said, Viola's face cha

, but it was still not. She was surprised.

But she soon realized that Maynard might just haven't had time to do anything with Cherry, so she resentfully put the clothes back to the original position.

Lying on the inner side of the bed, Viola suddenly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep after the bathroom door opened.

Then, Viola felt half of the quilt lifted, and a slightly hot body lay beside her.

Feeling the heat source, Viola's body involuntarily stiffened. Fortunately, Maynard didn't do anything to her after he lay down.

Viola's stiff body slowly relaxed. She closed her eyes and her consciousness began to relax

On the second morning, Viola's long and thick eyelashes trembled slightly like butterfly wings. Feeling the gaze from the window, she slowly opened her eyes.

In a trance, Viola didn't see clearly what was going on around her. She wanted to see what time it was, and then she rolled out subconsciously. She wanted to take her phone to see what time it was, but

When Viola rolled over and bumped into a hard body, she felt a warm touch on her lips. When she saw that it was Maynard's forehead and his dark eyes, she was stunned.

After a short silence, Viola screamed from the deep heart, "Ah!"

Her scream made plenty of birds singing on tress fly away and Maynard feel pain on his forehead.

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