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   Chapter 396 What Did You Just Say

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As soon as Viola finished speaking, Maynard stood up, crossed his arms in front of her and said with an unusual evil smile, "You are open-minded in this respect all the time."

When she met his cold eyes and angry face, Viola shivered and said, "You..."

When she wanted to step back, Viola found that she was sitting on a wooden chair and could not move back at all.

Viola's heart sank. She forced a smile and said, "Well, I'm not open-minded, but..."

Speaking of this, Viola covered her face with her hands as if she had touched something sad, and her eyes were full of sadness.

Maynard's tall figure stood against the light, and the constantly lengthening figure covered her body, making her look even more petite and pitiful.

Viola stopped brewing tears. Looking at the man who seemed to be emitting black aura all over her body, she felt a tingle in her scalp.

Maynard put his slender arms on both sides of her shoulders. He bent down, and his handsome and cold face was only one centimeter away from her. They were so close that they almost met each other.

"What did you just say?" Maynard's long and narrow eyes slowly raised, and his flirtatious voice lengthened by two tones.

With her eyes wide open, Viola looked at the face in front of her, which was so close that even the pores of each other could be seen clearly. She swallowed hard and said, "Nothing."

Maynard looked at her leisurely, and his eyes darkened. "By the way, you haven't confessed your love to me yet."

Viola was stunned. She didn't expect that he would change the topic and specially trouble her.

Viola cleared her throat and suddenly her eyes lit up. She covered her mouth with her hands and said, "It's hard to open your heart to love someone."

Viola was talking nonsense seriously, but her rolling eyes and the movement of covering her mouth with her hands were unbelievable.

"It's more credible to move your hand away when you say this." Maynard's eyes fell on her hands.

Viola was even more scared and shook her head like a w

la nodded slightly, followed him into the ward and closed the door.

When she saw Old Lady Shi lying on the bed with a pale face and much more grey hair than black hair, she walked quietly to the chair beside her and sat down.

"You can sit here for a while. I'm going out." Tony lowered his head and whispered in her ear.

Viola nodded slightly.

After Tony went out, she gently tucked the quilt for Old Lady Shi.

However, as soon as she moved, Old Lady Shi slowly opened her eyes. Seeing her, she was about to sit up with her hands on the bed.

"Grandma, don't move. I'll raise the bed for you." Viola stopped her in a hurry

"Okay, okay, okay." Old Lady Shi didn't move, and her kind eyes were as usual.

Only then did Viola feel relieved. She shook the bed a little higher and said with guilt, "I'm sorry. I woke you up."

"I woke up from a nightmare. Don't think too much." Old Lady Shi patted her hand and said, "Come and sit down."

Viola sat down and tucked her in again. "Grandma, although you have always been strong, you can't be angry."

It would be better if Old Lady Shi didn't hear it. But when she heard it, she pulled a long face as if she had touched something bad. "How could I not be angry when that bastard, Tony, married Sue and kept secret against me with my son and daughter-in-law?"

Viola didn't know what to say.

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