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   Chapter 393 Don't Push Your Luck

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Viola fell to the ground with her hair down, her face rubbing against the dust on the ground, and her knees hit hard concrete ground, which made her almost cry.

Viola struggled to stand up with her hands on the ground, gritting her teeth.

Almost at the same time, the four doors of the lengthened limo opened, and four bodyguards she had seen got off and walked towards her.

Seeing that her hurt was caused by them, Viola was furious.

"Miss Jing, do you need us to help you in?" Seeing her falling down, Kerr asked kindly.

Patting the dust on her body, Viola glared at him and said, "No, thanks!"

Viola turned around and walked back. The hemline of her dress accidentally touched her knees, and she gasped in pain.

The four bodyguards followed her into the living room and two persons at one side to guard the door.

Looking back, Viola was so angry that she almost turned her back.

Viola ground her teeth secretly and came to Maynard with hatred, staring at him.

"You blocked my view." Maynard turned over the information in his hand and frowned.

Viola almost couldn't control the primitive power in her body. She took two deep breaths in front of him to adjust her mood. Then she came to him and sat down as if she was badly threatened.

Viola raised her hand and wiped the tears that did not exist at the corners of her eyes. Then she made up an excuse and said, "Mr. Chu, I have a grievance in my heart, and I have no place to pour it out."

"SO?" Maynard didn't raise his head, nor did he look away from the document.

Viola pretended to sob and begged, "Please uphold justice for me."

"Speak normal language." Maynard said three words neatly.

Viola choked and the corners of her mouth began to twitch uncontrollably.

Viola continued to wipe the tears that did not exist at the corners of her eyes, and looked at him pitifully. "Mr. Chu, your bodyguard drove in and hit the light on my face, which made me fall down. Waah... Waah..."

Speaking of sadness, she sobbed like a seriously injured animal.

"My car light is also on your face. Do you also blame me?" Maynard turned her face around. When she faced him, a dangerous sm

nd she was angry and anxious. "She is not your mother-in-law. Don't call her like that."

"OK." "If I don't go, you won't be able to leave either," said Maynard with a teasing smile in his narrow and long eyes

All of a sudden, Viola seemed to be hit on the spot and couldn't move in an instant. After a long time, she smiled obsequiously and said, " Since my mother said so, let's go together. "

Although the smile on her face was good-looking, on the contrary, her hand holding the phone was constantly tightening and turning pale.

Maynard nodded with satisfaction, bent over and kissed her on the face. "That's my good girl."

He bypassed her, walked to the sofa behind her, took the documents and went upstairs.

In a daze, Viola heard the sound of door opening upstairs. Then she came to the table and took two pieces of tissue from the tissue box to wipe the place on her forehead that had been kissed by Maynard.

All of a sudden, Viola stopped and thought that they had already had sex. It was useless to do so now

For no reason, Viola felt distressed. She threw the tissue to the trash can, pressed the screen of her mobile phone and opened the message mailbox.

After a short hesitation, she finally sent the bidding price she had memorized to the mysterious person.

After all this, Viola couldn't tell what she felt. She sat on the sofa and lifted up a skirt. When she saw the bruises on her knees, she was furious.

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