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   Chapter 385 Can't You Just Buy The Normal One

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In this way, Viola was in a stalemate with him. They stared at each other. No one wanted to look away. They were going to fight.

One minute later, two minutes later

Viola couldn't hold on any longer. She gave up completely. She blinked her eyes which were starting to feel sore, and a smile appeared on her face. "You win."

Bearing her anger, she stood on tiptoe to kiss his right cheek again.

"That's the cooperation." A satisfied smile appeared on Maynard's face.

"Ha ha." Viola boldly reached out her hand and pushed him out of the door. "I have done what I should do. Mr. Chu, don't forget to buy me clothes."

Viola pushed him away gently and slammed the door.

After that, Viola wiped the cold sweat that didn't exist on her forehead as if she had unloaded the burden.

Turning around, Viola walked into the bathroom and turned on the tap in front of the mirror. She splashed water on her face with her hands. The cool water made her calm down.

However, she had promised the mysterious man to get the bottom price within three days. Today was the third day

Viola turned off the tap, and the sound of water suddenly stopped. She frowned.

While she was thinking hard, Viola suddenly heard the ringtone of a piano from the table outside. She opened the door and went out. She saw the screen of a mobile phone was on, and that mobile phone was not hers, but Maynard's.

Hearing the melodious ringtone, Viola hesitated for a while. Then she walked over and saw the bright screen showing that it was Julie.

Viola hesitated and bit her finger. Finally, she answered the phone when it was about to be hung up.

"President?" Julie's voice came through the phone.

"Mr. Chu is absent." Viola covered her mouth and coughed

"Miss Jing?" Julie heard her voice over the phone, but she still asked her name hesitantly.

Although she knew that he couldn't see her, Viola still nodded out of instinct. "Yes, this is me."

"Where are you and the CEO

itted her teeth and went into the bathroom without looking back. Then she slammed the door as if she was venting her anger.

Staring at herself in the mirror, who was so angry that her chest heaved and her face flushed, Viola patted her face.

After adjusting her mood, Viola took out the clothes from the shopping bag, only to see that the underwear was sexy black lace, with a cold sweat on her forehead.

Putting it back, Viola opened the second bag and found a red waisted dress with a high slit at the right corner.

Blue veins stood out on her forehead. Then she couldn't bear it anymore and ran out. She took out all the clothes and said, "Maynard, can't you buy normal clothes?"

"I asked someone to bring it here casually." Maynard stated the fact in an indifferent tone.

"It's just a casual gift. How could it be such an evil thing?" Viola sneered with angry.

Viola didn't care about her underwear, but what about the dress split so high?

"What's wrong?" Maynard frowned slightly.

Covering her face in silence, Viola quickly stuffed the thing into his hand and said helplessly, "Look at it yourself."

Maynard opened the bag and looked inside. His face was as dark as ink. "It's not good."

Viola almost choked on her own saliva and asked in disbelief, "You describe them like that?"

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