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   Chapter 384 Can't You Continue

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Viola unwillingly entered the room with Maynard. After the door behind her was closed with "bang", she shrank to a corner as if she was frightened.

Maynard sat down on the edge of the white and soft bed and looked at the woman far away from him. He laughed with angry. "How long do you plan to stay like that? Come over."

At first, Viola wanted to escape, but when she saw that the door of the hotel was unlocked by the most advanced fingerprints, she thought that there was no hope.

Viola ignored the uneasiness in her heart and looked at him calmly. She bit the bullet and said like the heroine of the TV series, "I won't believe you. If you do so

Even if you have sex with me, you can't get my heart. "

Maynard looked at her up and down as if she was a psychopath. Then he said sarcastically, "Your body is worth some money, but your heart is not worth it at all."

Viola was so angry that she ran towards him when she heard it. Fearless of death, she threw him on the bed, ground her teeth and said, "You look down upon me. How dare you!"

Although Maynard was downstairs, he still didn't feel like he was suppressed at all.

Instead, he was calm and unhurried, as if he was looking at a contemptible scoundrel. "Think about your stupid lines. Are you still reasonable?"

Although Viola was condescending, she gritted her teeth with hatred when she saw that he was enjoying the embrace of a beauty like a noble Emperor

At the same time, Viola noticed that the postures of the two people were so ambiguous that she suddenly realized and wanted to get down from him.

However, as soon as she moved, Maynard didn't give her the chance to go down. He put his long and powerful hands around her waist. He tightened his grip slightly, and she instantly fell back to him.

When her lips hit his chin heavily, Viola's eyes turned red with pain. "Let go of me, now."

Maynard frowned and raised her chin with his cold finger. "You take the initiative to come to me, will I let go of you?"

Viola felt distressed. She wanted to cry but had

'll help you this time, but..."

The purpose of Viola was to send him away. When she finally saw that he was willing to let her go, she quickly stepped forward and held his arm. "But what?"

"Do you need to do something when your boyfriend goes out?" Maynard raised his eyebrows with a faint smile.

Viola's face changed. She bit the bullet and smiled apologetically, "What do you mean by doing something?"

"This one." Maynard pointed at his handsome face with his slender and clear fingers.

All of a sudden, Viola got goose bumps. She forced a smile and said, "It's not necessary."

Did he really think they love each other? Ha-ha!

"Miss Jing, you don't seem to be sincere. In that case..."

Seeing his cold and serious expression, Viola interrupted in a hurry, "It's just a farewell kiss. Just wait! "

After saying that, Viola stood on tiptoe and kissed his left cheek, enduring her broken dignity.

After that, Viola looked at him angrily, "Is that all right?"

Maynard gave her a meaningful look and pointed at his right cheek.

Viola didn't show it on her face, but in fact, she was grinding her teeth secretly. Looking at his casual appearance, she really wanted to slap him to death.

"What's wrong?" All of a sudden, Maynard's eyes became sharp. "You can't stop halfway. Can't you continue?"

Blue veins stood out on Viola's forehead.

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