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   Chapter 383 Why Do You Come To The Hotel

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Updated: 2020-05-06 00:35

With his help, Viola stood up. She looked at him and asked, "Did you call the police?"

"Yes." Maynard admitted.

It suddenly dawned on Viola that he had said so much just to buy time.

"Does the wound on your face still hurt?" Looking at the palm print on her face, Maynard suddenly asked.

Hearing his words, Viola pushed away his hand that was supporting her face and rolled her eyes. "Does it hurt? Just slap you two times and you'll understand."

"Okay." Maynard agreed readily. He lowered his head, approached her and raised his eyebrows as a hint to her.

Looking at the very close face in front of her, which was much closer than usual, Viola did not react for a long time. "What do you mean with 'okay'?"

Her face changed. Was it what she thought?

"Aren't you going to slap me?" Maynard continued to raise his eyebrows and winked at her with his deep eyes.

Looking at him in disbelief, Viola swallowed hard and touched his forehead all of a sudden. "Mr. Chu, don't you have a fever? Why are you talking nonsense?"

However, no normal person would like to be clapped with no reason.

"Don't you want to slap me? Why don't you slap me now?" The smile in Maynard's eyes deepened. He grabbed her hand and was about to slap his face.

Viola withdrew her hand in a hurry and smiled awkwardly, "I'm just kidding."

Maynard helped her sit down aside and chuckled. "I know you have a guilty conscience, but you don't have the guts."

Hearing that, Viola's back froze. All of a sudden, she realized what had happened. She stepped on his foot angrily and said, "You didn't really let me slap you!"

Viola was so angry that her face was accidentally pulled. She gasped in pain again.

"Do you feel pain now?" Maynard touched her face painfully and blew on her face gently.

A tinge of coldness came from her hot cheeks. Unexpectedly, Viola bumped into his eyes and found that there was another person in each other's eyes.

When the four eyes met, Viola was a little flustered. Somehow, she didn't look away. The atmosphere almost became ambiguous, for they did not look away. Just at this time

Feeling the coldness all over her body, Viola lowered her head and t

ishment, "How do you know what I'm thinking?"

Maynard sneered with a mocking look on his face. "You always wears expression on your face. Do you think I can't see through you?"

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched, and she was too choked to say anything.

Maynard opened the door and got out of the car. After closing the door, he turned to the door at her side, opened the door and looked at her. "Get out of the car."

Viola didn't move. Instead, she became more vigilant. "Make it clear first. Why did you take me to the hotel for no reason?"

"You will know when you come in with me." Maynard bent down and unfastened the seat belt from her body. He grasped her wrist and pulled her down.

Shaking her head like a wave drum, Viola held the seat tightly and said with resistance, "No, I won't go!"

Maynard pretended not to hear what she said. He pulled her down with a little strength.

Being pulled out of the car, Viola was so anxious that she struggled.

"If you keep screaming and moving, I'll press you against the car door and kiss you randomly, making you the headline." Maynard held her waist impatiently and bent over to whisper in her ear.

Viola was so frightened that she didn't dare to scream. Being threatened by him, she followed him into the hotel with tears all over her face.

When she stood at the front desk and looked at Maynard who was ordering a room, Viola felt inexplicably sad. She felt that it was dangerous.

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