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   Chapter 371 Have You Caught A Cold

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Viola didn't agree with him. When the air conditioner was on only in winter, she didn't need to suit it in advance.

She refrained herself from swearing and asked with a fake smile, "Mr. Chu, can we go to eat now?"

Maynard played with a royal blue pen with his clean and slender fingers. "Have you decided what to eat?"

Viola shook her head honestly and said, "Let me think about it first."

Viola stood up and bit her fingertips with hesitation. Then she thought of the food she didn't eat yesterday. She gritted her teeth unwillingly and said, "I've made up my mind. I want to eat seafood."

It was good to eat for free. Viola still missed the fish head with chopped pepper.

Hearing that, Maynard stopped turning the pen. He frowned slightly and said, "You and I haven't recovered from our cold. We don't need to eat meat."

With her eyes wide open, Viola said in disbelief, " Are you sure? "

It was hard to believe what he had said that she could not speak fluently.

"I never say it a second time." There was a hint of displeasure in Maynard's eyes.

All of a sudden, Viola became listless. She waved her hand dejectedly and said, "Forget it. I don't have anything to eat."

She slumped into the sofa, looking listless.

The little girl put the phone in her hand and suddenly raised her hand. "Daddy, I want ice cream."

"No." Maynard refused bluntly.

The little girl ran to him and grabbed his sleeve with her two chubby hands. "But I want to eat it."

"Listen to me. If you eat too much sweet food, you will have dental cavities." Maynard didn't care about her coquetry.

Hearing that, the little girl's face completely darkened. "But Aunt Mary said that she could give me ice cream."

Hearing this, Viola almost dropped her phone to the ground.

Maynard looked at her and smiled instead of getting angry. "Miss Jing, I hope we can give you a satisfactory explanation."

Turning her head mechanically, Viola happened to see his gloomy smile, which made her sweat from behind une

sked, "Who are you?"

"You can't even recognize me. It is heartbreaking." Chol took off his sunglasses and revealed his enchanting face.

Seeing him, Viola pulled a long face and asked warily, "What are you doing here?"

"Eat Ah! " Before Chol could finish his words, he couldn't help sneezing.

Hearing this, Viola had a bad feeling all of a sudden. "Do you also catch a cold?"

"Or what?" Chol took two pieces of tissue from the tissue box and wiped his nose. "I was in good health. I had a meal with you. Now I'm like this. I must have been infected."

"It was you who ate alone at that time. We couldn't have infected you." Viola said disapprovingly

"…… Please don't hold grudges anymore. Ahem, ahem, ahem... " Chol sat opposite her and coughed, "We are both destined to be together."

Viola chuckled and slowly disassociated herself from him. "No. We are different. When you ate the fish head with chopped pepper, you didn't say that."

Chol was speechless. Then he seemed to think of something and looked at Maynard. "It's not all my fault. Half of the blame should be on him."

Without raising his head, Maynard pretended to say casually, "If you don't want to die, shut up."

Hearing that, Viola didn't feel depressed. She took a sip of water as if she was trying to hide something. "Mr. Chu, I didn't say anything."

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