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   Chapter 367 I Have Something To Say

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Trying her best to suppress the uneasiness in her heart, Viola looked at her phone again and put it back into her pocket casually.

"You are serious." Maynard was wearing a black pajama. Because it hadn't been completely dried, a drop of water slid into his clothes along the dense skin.

Viola was stunned for two seconds looking at him. When she realized what had happened, she looked away uncomfortably and asked, "Well, have you finished washing so soon?"

"Soon?" Maynard glanced at her indifferently and said, "It's been fifteen minutes."

Embarrassed, Viola touched her hair and smiled, "I forgot the time."

"Where is Chol?" Maynard sat down on the sofa next to her and asked casually.

With a slight sigh of relief, Viola sat down and said with a subtle smile, "He is taking a shower in my room."

When Viola just said it, her eyes were darkened. Her shoulders were held by a pair of long and powerful arms, and she fell back before she could react.

In an instant, Viola's black hair spread out like a waterfall, emitting a black and soft luster in the light.

There was another person on Viola's body, and the heavy weight almost made her out of breath. She pushed Maynard with her hands, still suffering from fear, and her eyes were wide open in anger. "Get off me quickly. What if someone sees us?"

Reminded by herself, Viola raised her head subconsciously and looked upstairs. But as soon as she raised her head, a pair of slightly cold hands pinched her chin.

Viola raised her head and looked at Maynard, whose eyes were dark. She shivered all of a sudden.

"Do you know the consequence of pissing me off? Huh? " Maynard bent forward and squinted his long and narrow eyes.

As if she was facing a formidable enemy, Viola quickly plucked up her courage and carefully responded, "Well, well, what did I do to make you unhappy? I'll correct it."

Viola put her hands on his chest to block his approach, and at the same time, she smiled apologetically.

"You are not good enough." Maynard'

nard withdrew his chopsticks calmly and turned a blind eye to her grievance. "We haven't recovered from the cold, so we can only eat light food."

Looking at the delicious fish head with chopped pepper, Viola suddenly cried out, "I'm feeling better. I can eat it."

"I'm afraid it's not up to you. Do you think I'll let you eat whatever you like while I eat light food?" A mischievous smile flashed across Maynard's eyes.

Viola was stunned. She asked weakly, "Let me ask first. What do you mean by light food?"

"Miss Wu." With a smile in his eyes, Maynard shouted at the kitchen.

After a while, Miss Wu came out with a bowl of corn porridge in a plastic tray and put it in front of the two of them.

Smelling the fragrance of corn and the porridge in front of her, Viola was instantly filled with grief and indignation. "Why can't I eat big fish and meat but only porridge since Chol can eat meat?"

With his hands on his abdomen, Maynard said expressionlessly, "Because he is a guest, and he doesn't catch a cold."

Viola was still angry. She stared at the dishes on the table and asked Chol, "Won't your conscience hurt if you eat so many dishes alone?"

Chol smiled evilly, "No. I think it's good. I feel your hospitality."

Putting back the chopsticks that Viola had just held, she said, "Mr. Chu, I have something to say."

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