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   Chapter 366 You Can Take It Back

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Confused, Viola looked at Maynard with her confused eyes.

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand words between men." Noticing her gaze, Maynard stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair.

Not only didn't Viola understand, but she also felt that the way they talked was too profound.

Maynard cast a cold glance at Chol and said, "I hope you can take back what I said."

Because of Maynard's threatening words before, Chol was sensible enough to raise his hands in surrender. "OK, no problem. I take the words that I said to your girlfriend before."

Hearing this, Viola finally understood. "Mr. Chu, you are sick. How can you stand there? Come and sit down."

Viola knew that Maynard helped her, so she supported him sit down obediently.

"Wow!" Chol said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

As if she hadn't heard him, Viola passed him into the kitchen and poured a glass of hot water. With a big smile on her face, she handed it to Maynard and said, "Come on, drink some hot water."

Surprised, Maynard took the water and didn't refuse her rare kindness.

Standing next to him, Viola asked in a soft voice, "Mr. Chu, how's your nap today? Are you still dizzy?"

"I didn't sleep at noon. I was working in my room and still felt dizzy." Maynard took a sip of water and handed it to her.

Naturally, Viola took it and put it on the table next to her. She pretended to be very distressed and asked with concern, "Do you need me to massage your temples?"

"Okay." Maynard nodded.

Viola gave him a happy massage.

"It is just a cold. Why is it so exaggerated?" Chol looked at him unhappily

Viola chuckled, "You don't know the pain of catching a cold at all."

"Yes!" Chol smiled, with a touch of provocation in his eyes. "I often exercise myself, and there is no trouble at all."

Clenching her teeth, Viola suppressed her anger and smiled brightly. "If you don't have

, "Go to the bathroom of my room to take a shower. Hurry up."

Shocked, Chol stood up and asked warily, "Do you have an improper desire for me?"

"If you don't go to take a shower, I'll tell Maynard that you bullied me," said Viola with a forced smile

Chol's eyes twinkled, "Okay, I'll go, okay?"

He sighed helplessly, turned around and went upstairs.

Sitting on the sofa, Viola felt upset.


Just as she was extremely irritable, her cell phone rang in her pocket. She took it out and checked the message mailbox. The mysterious person sent her a message, saying, within three days, get the base price of the Chu Group for the development of the New East City.

With a frown, Viola typed, "Little time."

After she sent it out, the mysterious man quickly recovered: I have given you enough time before. Don't bargain with me.

Glancing at the message, Viola was struggling in her heart.

"What are you looking at?" Maynard went downstairs and saw her expression.

Hearing the voice, Viola came to her senses and smiled awkwardly. "Nothing. I'm just reading a piece of news."

As she stood up, she habitually deleted the message.

Maynard glanced at her, lost in thought.

As if she didn't notice his gaze, Viola smiled at him.

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