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   Chapter 365 What Are You Doing Here

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As soon as Viola finished speaking, she was about to leave when Chol called her back quickly.

"What's wrong?" asked Viola crossly

"Tell me what you want to do. Don't leave after saying something inexplicably." Chol was frightened by her scornful attitude towards money.

Viola sat back, tilted her head and smiled, "What can I do? Of course, my script is written to embarrass the scriptwriter. "

Chol patted his forehead and saw the light, "It's been a long time. Why do you still take it to heart?"

The smile on Viola's face disappeared, and she suddenly revealed her white teeth. "Of course, or what do you think makes me insist on writing the script until now?"

"Cough, cough, cough..." Embarrassed, Chol covered his mouth with his hand and coughed. He said in a cold tone, "With all due respect, you only plan to write twenty episodes. I'm afraid no one would like to invest money in you to shoot a TV series."

Hearing his words, Viola felt that she was hit on the nail on the head and couldn't move for a moment. She sighed, "Well, what you said makes sense. What do you think I should do?"

Viola was worried about his words.

A light flashed in Chol's eyes and disappeared in an instant. He seriously explained for her, "How about this? You have forty or fifty episodes at least."

Viola's face darkened and the corners of her mouth began to twitch uncontrollably. "I'm afraid not."

"Why?" Chol glanced at her with suspicion in his eyes.

Holding herself in her arms, Viola frowned and said melancholy, "That's all I have set up. I can't put some plots in just to get the money for the shooting."

With an evil and attractive smile on his face, Chol walked up to her and sat down. With a slight hesitation in the corner of his eyes, he patiently thought for her and said, "In fact, you can think more about the plots. It happens to be forty episodes."

Feeling strange, Viola couldn't help glancing at him again and smiled back. "No, I'd rathe

Viola took a deep breath to adjust her almost uncontrollable madness. She looked gentle but ruthless and asked him to leave. "If you have nothing else to do, you can go back home for a few days."

"No. I just came here. It is too early to leave." Chol sat back with his legs crossed. Obviously, he wanted to stay.

"Why are you here! ?"

At this moment, Maynard, whose face was slightly pale, walked downstairs.

All of a sudden, Viola stood up and forced a smile. "He..."

"I heard from Elly that you two are sick, so I came to visit you and express my concern for you."

When Viola was about to explain to Maynard, Chol lied first.

"No need." Maynard said coldly.

Viola hurriedly nodded and echoed, "Yes, you didn't even bring a fruit basket. You must have ulterior motives."

As soon as she finished speaking, she realized that what she had said was completely a trap. She suddenly shut her mouth and gave herself a big mouth.

"Since I've tried my best to help you, do you think I have other aims?" With an injured look on his face, Chol said, "Sure enough, you look at others with prejudice."

Viola didn't know what to say

"You want to be thrown out by my bodyguards to be photographed by the reporters, or you want to be thrown out from upstairs to be photographed." Maynard asked casually.

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