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   Chapter 363 You Also Caught A Cold

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Love-hate relationship?

The two words made Viola dizzy. She took a deep breath and pulled herself together to read the next reply. Her friend named 1996 replied, "Your situation is very similar to that of the Tsukasa and Tsukushi, but your gender is a girl, and the" he "you are talking about is a man

Biting her lower lip, Viola typed, "So what?

The friend 1996 quickly replied, "You have a bad mentality. Or you two have the wrong sex, and the way you fall in love is completely different!"!

Viola was about to vomit blood. She threw the phone on the big bed behind her. At this moment, her mind was in a mess.

Viola lay back on the bed, opened her hands and looked at the ceiling above her. Her eyelids gradually closed

Perhaps it was because of the medicine, Viola slept until dawn. She stretched and carefully felt if the symptoms of the cold were still there. She found that her throat was not painful and her head was not so dizzy.

Thinking that the medicine she took yesterday might work, Viola ran downstairs happily without brushing her teeth.

The excitement on her face was evident. Viola ran to him and said, "That's great! That's great! I'm much better!"

"Cough, cough, cough..."

However, when she walked down the last step, Viola heard a familiar cough. She suddenly stopped and looked at the person who coughed. It was none other than Maynard who had advised her to take medicine yesterday.

With concern on her face, Viola walked towards him and sat down on the chair opposite him. "Mr. Chu, why do you cough? Do you catch a cold as me?"

Maynard covered his mouth with a fist clenched in his hand. He glanced at her indifferently and then fell into silence.

Noticing his unhappy face, Viola stopped talking subconsciously.

"You are right. Mr. Chu liked that early this morning." Miss Wu came out with a bowl of lean meat porridge and put it in front of Maynard.

"You have talked a lot recently." Maynard took a look at Miss Wu.

Miss Wu shut up and went back to the kitchen sulkily.

"Ho-ho," Viola chuckled, covering her mouth with her hand. Sh

sudden, Viola stood up. Her face turned pale with fright. She immediately hid behind Maynard and grabbed his clothes. "Why, why is he here?"

"Me?" Hearing this, Bernard pointed at himself with a smile and said, "I've been beaten and recovered. Of course I'll come back to eat for free."

Walking out of the room, Viola looked at Maynard in disbelief. "Did you promise him to come back and eat for free again?" Maynard's cold and hard face tensed, without any comments.

Viola panicked. She held his hand and shook it. "Wake up, Mr. Chu. He is a dangerous person."

Every time she thought that Bernard stole her bracelet, she would kill him.

"I know." Maynard nodded to show his understanding.

All of a sudden, Viola let go of his hand and felt sad. "Since you know, why did you let him come back?"

Without any illusion as a thief, Bernard pulled out a chair and sat down. "Because Maynard has mercifully let it go."

Maynard didn't agree at all. His eyes were sharp. "Let's put it bluntly. If you still intend to steal, I'll ask someone to cut off your hand."

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched, and her anger was still lingering. She took a deep breath and asked, "Then why don't you cut off his hands now?"

"I'm not in the mood. How about you come?" The corners of Maynard's long and narrow eyes raised.

Imagining the scene of blood splattering, Viola became listless.

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