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   Chapter 359 Did You Steal It

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Noticing the sight from Maynard, Viola was very clear that she was exposed in front of him.

A smile appeared on her face, which was uglier than crying. "What a coincidence, Mr. Chu."

Maynard pushed the shopping cart over and nodded slightly. "What a coincidence. Why are you here?"

Viola felt a little guilty. She looked around the supermarket and found that there was no Tony. She immediately joked, "I'm going out to buy some snacks. I'm greedy.

"Do you really want to ignore me?" The little girl pouted unhappily as she didn't get any response for a long time.

Viola hurriedly rubbed her hair and said, "No, no. you're so cute that I don't dare to talk to you."

The little girl smiled happily.

"Whose coat is it in your hand?" Maynard frowned.

Looking down at Tony's suit jacket in her hand, Viola's heart tightened. She smiled unnaturally, "I picked it up at the door when I came in."

"You like to wear the clothes you picked up Hobbies? " Maynard's eyes darkened.

Blue veins stood out on the forehead of Viola. She quickly waved her hand and said, "No, no, no. I'm going to hand it over to the front desk and ask them to return it when the lost owner comes."

"You are so kind." A mocking look appeared in Maynard's eyes.

Clenching her fists, a kind smile appeared on Viola's face, which was totally different from her heart. "Of course not. I'm just worried that I'm not kind-hearted enough, so I'll do something within my ability."

"Daddy, what is she talking about? I don't understand." The little girl was confused.

"She is talking nonsense seriously." Maynard said with a faint smile on his face.

Viola was speechless

"Daddy, I don't understand what you mean." The little girl blinked her big watery eyes.

Viola couldn't help laughing. She covered her belly and said, "We are similar. How dare you talk about me like that?"

Maynard sneered and looked at the dress in her hand. "Shouldn't you give it to the front desk?"

Subconsciously, Viola put the clothes behind her. She cleared her throat and

Viola reached out her hand and tried to grab it from the little girl's hand. With a clever flash, the little girl turned around, ran over and threw the clothes to Maynard.

When Viola saw the dress fall into Maynard's hands, she was stunned!

"Aunt Mary, I'm sorry. I have to do this for daddy." The little girl ran to the back of Maynard with her short legs and stretched out half of her head to apologize to Viola.

A sense of helplessness arose in Viola's heart. She touched her head with puzzlement and said, "I've only heard that someone would cheat his father, but I didn't expect that there would be someone who cheat his aunt."

"Compared with this, shouldn't you be more worried about the men's suit I'm wearing?" Looking at the clothes in his hand, Maynard stressed the two words "men's suit".

Reminded by him, Viola was dumbfounded when she saw the clothes in his hand. Her face flushed with anger. "Maynard, give the clothes back to me as soon as possible!"

Maynard sneered and glanced at her coldly. "This dress is not yours. How can I give it back to you?"

With her eyelids twitching, Viola had a bad feeling. "What do you want to do?"

A defiant smile appeared on Maynard's face. He turned around and put the clothes on the counter. "My girlfriend found a dress at your door. If the owner comes to pick it up, please give it to him."

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