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   Chapter 345 Yes, Do You Have Any Opinion

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When Viola asked this question, she noticed that Nathan was suspiciously silent for a while. Her eyelids twitched, and the bad feeling surged up again.

"Well, for the sake of the friendship between the two families, I will take care of you a little. But whether you can leave or not depends on Mr. Chu." Covering his mouth with his hand, Nathan coughed and talked about Maynard.

Subconsciously, Viola looked at Maynard, but in fact, she no longer held any hope.

Maynard avoided answering her question. His eyes were as cold as ice. A mocking smile appeared on his thin lips. "You said that Bernard stole your things. Did he succeed in taking them away?"

Reminded by him, Viola nodded in agreement.

"Stolen..." Nathan nodded slightly. His face returned to normal, but there was a strange look in his eyes. "But when he passed the bathroom, he saw a bodyguard girl taking a shower and accosted her. As a result, she splashed the bubble water on his face."

Taking a look at Bernard who was stunned and irrefutable, Viola pushed his arm and said, "You'd better explain now. He was just joking."

Regaining his composure, a guilty look flashed across Bernard's eyes. He forced himself to calm down and smiled awkwardly. "In fact, what he said is true."

When Viola was in disbelief, she felt as though cold water pouring on her and she was hopeless.

Viola pursed her lips and gave him a thumbs up. "Wow, I didn't expect that you looks more beautiful than women would also be attracted by women."

Bernard was upset and smiled with no trace, "Although I'm beautiful in women's wear, I love girls."

Speaking of excitement, Bernard put his hand to his lips and blew two kisses to the two girls guarding at the door.

Maynard cast a cold glance at him, and Bernard immediately didn't dare to do anything else.

"Now that you have found the thing, you can just send Bernard to prison." Maynard withdrew his gaze and said to Nathan coldly. Then he held Viola's waist and was about to leave.

Viola had always wanted to leave this place, but when she heard what he said, she was so happy that she completely ignored his han


"No need!"

At the same time, Viola and Maynard refused in one voice.

"Well, all right." Hearing that, Nathan felt a little regretful. He had a micro facelift and looked at the bracelet on Maynard's hand. "The bracelet on Mr. Chu's hand is good."

Hearing that, Viola's heart tightened. She put Maynard's left hand behind him, approached him and blocked the sight of Nathan.

Viola put on a gentle and approachable smile and made up an excuse, "I bought that bracelet."

"You bought it, but why did you buy it for him?" At the same time, a look of surprise appeared on Nathan's face, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Viola didn't know what to say in an instant, and her eyes began to wander restlessly. "Well, well, well..."

"She bought it for me." All of a sudden, Maynard's eyes became sharp. In a dangerous tone, he raised several corners. "What's wrong? Do you have a problem with it?"

Viola calmed down and said in a domineering tone, "Yes, what's your opinion?"

"No," said Nathan helplessly, stretching out his hands

With a cold snort, Viola was about to leave with Maynard, but at this moment, she found that Maynard was not leaving.

Just as she was confused by this, Maynard looked at the pale face of Jenifer and said in a cold and indifferent voice, "Do you need any help?"

As Jenifer flipped her long hair, her eyes were as cold as ice. She said with unusual state, "No need."

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