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   Chapter 326 Where Did You Get The One Hundred Million Dollars

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"You have to help me." With his hands on her shoulders, Bernard pleaded.

Hearing his question, Viola felt upset. She hesitated for a while and then frankly answered, "Well, Mr. Chu doesn't have any money, let alone me."

Speaking of this, sadness arose in her heart. Her fingers were pressed together unconsciously.

Bernard then released her hands with no hope.

Viola bit her lower lip, and struggled for a long time. Finally, she could not resist her curiosity. "I have a question, how much money have you sold the missing jade, blood plum?"

"…… One hundred million. " Bernard looked around to make sure that it was safe.

Taking a deep breath, Viola imagined the scene that the money was like snowflakes falling all over the sky, and continued to ask with difficulty, "How much will it take for you to buy it?"

As soon as she said this, the surrounding air was quiet.

"If you want to buy it back Two hundred million dollars... " Bernard lowered his voice and avoided her eyes.

A look of bemusement came over Viola's face, which could be told from her sympathy for him.

Viola looked at him, and saw that he was completely in sorrow and unable to extricate himself. Her heart softened all of a sudden, so she handed him the glass of water on the table, and said in a rare soft voice, "Drink some water first, calm down."

Taking the glass and having a sip, Bernard was in a trance like state.

Viola helped him put the water on the table and sighed. "Actually, you make trouble for yourself. The only way is to ask for Jenifer's help."

"Her?" Bernard sniffed. "She asked me for money the first time. How could she give me money?"

With a helpless shrug, Viola spread out her hands and said, "Right now, I have no other choice. Even if you haven't spent that hundred million, how would you get the rest one hundred million?"

Viola said what Bernard worried and he almost had a nervous breakdown.

Viola raised her head and looked at Maynard. She was a little shocked and hesitant. "He's in big trouble

Jenifer spluttered with rage. She forced a smile and said, "You always have many relations and Bernard admitted it."

A big smile curved on her face, Viola said: "He and you are incompatible like fire and water, will he tell you the truth?"

As she spoke, Viola looked harmless at Bernard. Suddenly, there was a murderous look in her eyes.

Because of his guilty conscience, Bernard avoided her eyes and smiled embarrassedly. "I blurted it out when I was angry."

Viola suddenly stood up with an unbelievable look. "What on earth did you say to her?"

"It's a long story," Bernard said briefly.

Taking a deep breath, Viola put on a false smile and said, "Then make it short."

While saying that, Jenifer sneered by her side. She lowered her head to look at her new crystal nails, which had just been polished for two days. She continued, "You may not believe me if I tell you the truth. Bernard told me that he had an affair with you behind Mr. Chu."

Viola's face turned pale. She kept a straight face subconsciously. Maynard, who was filled with fury and joy, looked at her, but nervously shifted his eyes away.

Viola suddenly felt extremely helpless and looked at Bernard with her head aching. She asked, "What else did you say?"

"He also said that he stayed here because of you." Jenifer scoffed in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

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