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   Chapter 324 Tell Me About It

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After a few minutes, Viola put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth with a tissue.

After everything was done, she sat up straight and looked at Maynard, who had been killing time by reading newspapers from beginning to end. She coughed slightly and said, "Mr. Chu, I think we need to have a talk."

Maynard didn't raise his head, but continued reading the newspapers casually. "What do you want to talk about?"

Rolling her eyes, Viola asked on impulse, "You are rich and powerful. What are you planning to do with me?"

Hearing that, Maynard stopped what he was doing for a moment. With an expressionless face, he explained, "Because you look like my wife before. I'm just adapted to it."

Just adapted to it?

Have you ever seen someone did like that?

Viola almost choked on her own saliva. She was very uncomfortable and moved her seat on the sofa. She said with a black face, "I'm warning you, it's wrong to flirt with women in the name of a dead man. I advise you to stop!"

He always threw the blame on her.

"I have a question to ask you, Miss Jing. It has been a long time." Hearing that, Maynard moved his sight from the newspaper to her.

Viola didn't know what he was going to do, but she didn't like the way he treated her. She frowned irritably and said, "Don't keep me in the dark!"

"Your question sounds like you know me very well," With one of his hands on his chin, Maynard looked at her as if he was understanding everything.

As soon as Viola looked at him, her alarm rang in her heart. She sighed long, and then persuaded him in a very melancholy tone, "Mr. Chu, your wife has died. As a man, you have to be open-minded."

Viola did not show it on her face, but she sneered in her heart.

"You are right." Maynard squinted and said with the tongue in the cheek, "So I find you."

Viola was particularly angry, and there seemed to be anger in her eyes. "Don't use the word 'find'."

Viola was not a commodity.

Maynard grinned and said nothing.

After a few seconds

alf serious, "Not that kind of relationship? Are we a couple?"

When she said this, Viola laughed as if she had heard a big joke.

Maynard looked at her quietly, while his eyes rested on her face.

After what felt like an eternity, Viola couldn't stop laughing. Covering her belly with her hands, she leaned back against the sofa, exhausted. "Look at your laugh. It's killing me."

"Have you laughed enough?" Maynard said all of a sudden.

Coming back to her senses, Viola wiped away the laughing tears in the corner of her eyes, "I'm done with it. You can continue."

Maynard looked at her deeply and turned a blind eye to her question. "If my memory serves me right, isn't your script used to write the feeling of falling in love?" he asked

Hearing that, Viola stopped smiling. Still confused, she nodded and said, "Yes, that's right."

Maynard approached her and whispered beside her ear, "Now that you need it, then in this half month, we'll be boyfriend and girlfriend. The relationship will end in half a month."

Viola jumped up as if she was stabbed by a needle. She dodged and distanced herself from him. She was so scared that she stammered, " Boyfriend and girlfriend? "

Viola almost choked on her saliva upon hearing this.

"Yes, just take it as a good way to pave the way for your play." Maynard said with a poker face.

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