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   Chapter 323 Which Two Choices

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A nervous breakdown took over her. Viola pleaded with folded hands, "Please, let me go."

Viola just wanted to stay away from him.

Maynard was in a daze as if he hadn't heard her words. Looking at her like an emperor who had the upper hand, he said, "If you haven't agreed, you won't be able to leave today."

On the other side, when thinking of what had happened last night, Viola felt so exhausted that she went berserk

Just as she almost fell down, Maynard encircled her with his arms and smelled her neck gently. "Your body has my breath now."

Viola was hopeless.

There was a fire of anger burning in her heart. Viola pushed him away with all her strength. "Breath, breath, you big shit!"

Viola resisted the impulse to smell her body to confirm it. She strode to the door and tried to turn the doorknob, only to find that the doorknob couldn't turn at all. It was completely a decoration.

Viola took a deep breath. She saw a latest developed lock next to the doorknob. It was said that it required the fingerprint of its owner. And whether it came in or out, the owner's fingerprint needed to verify.

All the expressions on Viola's face changed. A kind of powerlessness overwhelmed her. Viola turned around, leaned against the door and looked at Maynard, saying, "Maynard, why should men be so hard on women?"

Viola almost broke down when speaking of this.

Maynard sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. Looking up at the ceiling above his head, he said in a moderate voice, "I give you only two choices."

A bad premonition arose in Viola's heart. She bit her finger in a tangle and asked awkwardly, "Which two choices?"

"First, be my woman. Second, be locked up here." Maynard sat down and looked at her with a faint smile.

Blue veins stood out on her forehead. Viola strode towards him, gnashing her teeth in hatred, but still kept smiling. "I want to make sure the previous condition is to have sex once."

A smile formed at the corners of Maynard's lips. He could not tell how he felt about her reaction, but just could not help but get angry. Squinting at her, he said, "It's too late. Now I've changed my mind because of your refusal."

Viola hurriedly walked up and down in front of him and made several deep b

said casually.

Viola raised her chin and said in a wronged voice, "After I agree, you have to eat the noodles and return my phone to me."

Viola remembered that her phone was not outside. The only possibility was that he had got her phone.

As she expected, Maynard nodded calmly to show his agreement.

A slight sigh of relief escaped on Viola's face. She almost couldn't wait to pick up that bowl of noodles and eat it.

Viola put down the chopsticks and reached out her hand. "Give me the phone."

Without saying any more word, Maynard handed her the phone neatly.

Viola took over the phone and tried to turn it on. But she didn't look at him at all.

Maynard didn't care about her attitude at all and said straight to her, "Ann is due to summer vacation in a few days. If you have made up your mind, I'll take him to B City to visit the famous green lake." Green lake? What's interesting about that lake?

Viola was dismissive, but she had to agree for the sake of Ann. "No problem. I'll listen to your arrangement."

When she successfully turned on her phone, Viola found that there was no message as well as a message mail. Just then a "Ding" sound came, and a message came.

As she clicked on the message, Viola found that it was a message from the mysterious man. It said, "You stay by Maynard's side for some time, and wait for a chance to take action.".

Viola glanced at Maynard and deleted the text. After that, she continued to eat noodles as if nothing had happened.

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