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   Chapter 321 Got Drunk If You Drank Too Much

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 6863

Updated: 2020-04-21 00:15

Coming to the living room, Viola turned a blind eye to the weird atmosphere in the living room because what happened just now.

Viola walked over, put the two glasses on the table, added some wine into them.

After that, Viola put the red wine in the goblet, one in her left and one in her right, and handed the other one to Maynard.

"What are you doing?" Maynard took it over, frowning slightly.

Viola shook the wine in the glass and blinked in confusion. "Nothing, I just want to drink."

After saying that, Viola showed a bright smile, put the glass to her lips and took a sip.

"You will get drunk if you drink too much." Maynard gently swirled the red wine in the glass and added the bright red wine to the wall of the glass, mixed with light red.

Viola smiled back. "Come on, since you have nothing to do now, why don't you have a drink with me?"

Maynard frowned slightly and didn't raise his glass. "I'm not interested."

Viola rolled her eyes and bravely raised her glass to toast him.

With a bang, the two glasses collided. Under the branch shaped crystal lamp above their heads, they reflected a bright light.

But when Viola took back the glass, the light disappeared without a trace.

"You guys go on. I go to my room." Noticing the suspicious looks on Viola and Maynard's face, Ann served them with braised pork chops and a bowl of rice. "I'm going back to my room for dinner," he said

Viola drank two glasses in a row. Her cheeks were still flushing. She saw the empty glass and took the wine on the table to continue pouring.

Just then, a slender hand grabbed the bottle in her hand.

For a moment, her eyes became unfocused. Viola shook her head and stretched out her hand, trying to take over the wine.

Maynard avoided her hand. Looking at her red cheeks, he asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Viola grabbed his tie and forced him to lower his head. "Tell me what's wrong with me. I still want to ask you."

Maynard bent over and looked at her calmly. "What do you want to ask me?"

Viola suddenly

finally stopped, Viola walked up to them and said, "Give the wine back to me!"

Maynard avoided her hand and looked at her with a cold smile. "If you want to drink, just do it."

When Viola was still in a daze, he had already taken an action. He raised his head and drank the wine in one gulp.

After drinking it up, Maynard shook the bottle head slightly.

Viola couldn't think clearly. At the moment when she was not sober enough, she grasped Maynard's hand and stood on tiptoe to kiss his sexy and cold lips. Then she went mad to grab the wine in his mouth.

However, when they kissed, Viola seemed to realize something and suddenly opened her eyes wide. At the same time, after finding the existence of no wine, she couldn't wait to push him away, turned around and wanted to leave

However, as soon as she moved, Maynard grasped her left wrist.

Surprised as she was, Viola turned around and met his intense gaze. She felt a little scared.

"You made trouble for yourself this time. I won't let you go." Maynard looked at her deeply and, all of a sudden, grasped the back of her head with one of his hands and kissed her hard.

As soon as she felt the touch on her lips rolling over and over again, Viola could not believe what she had seen. When she reached out her hand to push him away, Maynard suddenly released her and whispered in her ear.

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