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   Chapter 239 Why Are You Still Holding It

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A provocative smile appeared on Viola's face, who was very bold. "Why would I steal his confidential documents? I don't lack money. Is it necessary for me to steal?"

With her eyes wide open, Jennifer sneered, "You said you don't lack money. Who are you lying to?"

After casting a glance at the two aggressive women, Maynard went to the sofa and sat down. It was rare for him to defend Viola in a reasonable way. "Her foster mother is Mrs. Jing of the Jing Group. She is not in lack of money."

The Jing Group, one of the most famous jewelry companies in C City.

"It's impossible..." Jennifer couldn't believe what she had heard. But she calmed down soon and asked, "If she really is, why did she sell the milk tea?"

The corners of Viola's mouth began twitching uncontrollably. She could not help but roll her eyes. "I'm willing to sell milk tea, but very few people know who I am. I didn't expect Mr. Chu to dig me out."

"But she stole an important document probably for her fiance." A gleam flashed across her eyes and Jennifer soon found an excuse.

Viola could not bear to look away.

"All the important files are in my company's safe, not in the study." Maynard stated a fact in an indifferent tone.

Hearing his words, Jennifer became speechless and didn't know how to refute him.

Viola patted her chest and felt relieved. Suddenly, she thought of something and walked in front of Maynard, stretching out her hands.

"How much money do you want? Give me a price." Maynard said, raising his chin proudly.

Viola smirked at him and continued, "Miss Wu has given my parcel to you. Please give it back to me."

"I have thrown into the garbage can." Maynard squinted at her dangerously while his tone was casual.

A complicated look passed over Viola's face. She asked, "Which trash can did you throw into?"

Maynard shot a look at the trash can beside them, as if implying something.

Yet, there was no outlet for her anger. Instead, Viola rushed to the trash can the first time, rolled up her sleeves and wanted to roll

in her hand, a hint of surprise flashed across her eyes. Viola looked at Maynard, but she didn't notice the anger in her eyes. "Mr. Chu, I knew that you were saying about canceling the engagement. It turns out that you were just joking."

How dared he flirt with other woman when not canceling the engagement?

With a straight face, Maynard emphasized in a calm tone, "Miss Lan, you're only my ex-fiancee now."

Hearing his words, Jennifer was choked.

Viola was still angry, but she could not find a reason to be angry.

"Come with me." Maynard held her hand tightly, and pulled her into the bathroom as if no one was around. He turned on the tap on the sink to wash her wounds.

Hearing the sound of the running water and seeing her wound washed with water, Viola could not help holding the box tightly in her hand.

"Why are you still holding it?" As soon as he turned off the faucet, Maynard noticed what she was doing all of a sudden. Wearing a darkened face, he stretched his hands to take the box away from her.

Viola suddenly became angry. She pushed his hand away and said, "Don't move. It's mine."

However, what she said didn't make Maynard release his hands. On the contrary, he reacted more intensely.

When the two people were fighting for it, the thing fell to the ground with a "clatter", and all the stars in it were spilling out.

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