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   Chapter 238 Not A Place To Talk Love

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They didn't say anything to each other.

When Viola intended to walk and wait for the car, four nurses and a doctor on duty hurried over to them.

They stood in front of them before she could figure out what was going on.

"Oh, it's you!" The doctor on duty who was responsible for checking the wounds for Maynard recognized them at once. He seemed to be disgusted with the two men and said, "Hospital is a place for curing people who are wounded, not for dating."

There was a speechless look on her face. Viola really wanted to complain.

She forced a smile and opened her mouth, "We are not flirting. We just fell over the fence. He was checking my wound."

To prove her innocence, she lifted her injured arm and showed it to him.

After confirming that it was a bruise that had been bumped on the ground, the doctor looked away.

After a short moment, he saw a row of fences lying on the ground. He lowered his head and found that because it was so late for repair that even the nails on the fences were loosed.

"Even so, you can't rely on the fence. Next time you must be careful. For the sake of their previous problems, you don't have to compensate."

The doctor on duty glanced at them, and after they nodded, his face turned better.

A slight smile appeared on Viola's face. She pointed to the wound on her hand and said, "Doctor, that was a mistake. Could you help me treat the wound for me?"

"Come in." The doctor withdrew his gaze and went into the hospital with the nurses.

After casting a glance at each other, Viola and Maynard followed them in.

Viola thanked the doctor after being disinfected and bandaged the wound.

"Doctor, who told you we were having a romance?" Maynard stood by her side, slightly narrowing his narrow eyes.

"Well, there is a patient in the ward not far away from you. He overheard your talks that were not normal..." The male doctor on duty coughed in embarrassment. "I guess you are doing inappropriate things for children, so I come in and tell us."

Maynard fell silent.

Viola nodded her head. She now understood that tro

the skin care products back, Viola bit her finger and guessed if she was fooled?

At the same time, there was a knock on the door. She stood up, walked over to open the door, and saw Miss Wu standing outside.

"Miss Jing, I heard that you were looking for a package when I came back." Miss Wu smiled sheepishly and said, "I signed for your package this afternoon and left it in your study when I cleaned your room."

Upon hearing that, Viola didn't have time to talk to Miss Wu but went to the study to look for it.

However, in the study, there were not only messy documents pushed by Maynard but also books in the bookshelf. She had no choice but to open those documents by luck, which she thought might be able to read through.

She was afraid that she would be found by Maynard, so she looked through the files in a very fast speed. As a result, most of her information was in a mess.

At this moment, the door opened.

Maynard and Jennifer came in and met her.

When Viola saw Maynard's uneasy face, she quickly stood up and put the documents in her hand back on the table.

"Did you see that?" Jennifer looked at Maynard and said, "I said that our business rival sent her to steal confidential documents of our company. Don't you believe me?"

Confidential documents?

Looking at the pile of things that were not sorted out, the corners of Viola's mouth twitched slightly.

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