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   Chapter 237 The Place She Lives

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That was not normal at all.

Trying to resist the urge to beat her to death, Viola suddenly stood up.

She walked over and grabbed Maynard's sleeve. "Let's go to the hospital."

"Wait. I'll ask Mr. Li to drive my car and drive them home." Maynard gave a glance at the little girl and Ann with disdain. Obviously, what he said was true.

On a second thought, Viola agreed with him, so she nodded.

About half an hour later, Mr. Li came in.

"I'll drive you back later." Maynard handed the key to him.

"Yes." Mr. Li took the key and left with Ann and the little girl.

After letting out a sigh, Viola took a taxi along the roadside with Maynard. After getting in the taxi, she told the driver the address. "Go to the nearest hospital."

After telling him the address, she was very displeased when she saw the rashes on Maynard's neck. "I said that you shouldn't eat anything if you can't eat. It would be troublesome to go to the hospital at night," she said

With an impulse in her heart, she put all the blame on him willingly.

"If my memory serves me right, you are the one who insisted me eating. You should be responsible for half of the responsibility." Maynard gasped and reminded her, "I'm allergic to seafood."

Viola rolled her eyes disapprovingly.

"Girl, you should be gentle and considerate to your boyfriend. You always want to take his life. You know, it's illegal." The taxi driver said.

Viola almost spat out blood when she heard it. She put her hand over her chest and told herself not to be impulsive.


The mobile phone in Viola's pocket rang.

She took it out and touched the screen. Seeing someone was sending a message, she checked the message. It said: " A bug and a tracker were at the place where you lived. Please seize the chance."

Where does she live?

A panic took over her!

When she thought of the place she lived in was Maynard's villa, she broke out in a cold sweat.

"What's wrong?" Being aware of her abnormality, Mayna

break the camel, and then fell back uncontrollably.

When she was in a fluster, her instinct for asking for help grabbed at the hem of Maynard's clothes.

The only consequence of her action was that the two of them fell down together on the pruned lawn behind her.

Viola pushed Maynard away and sat up with her right hand on the grass, "My left hand hurts so much."

She struggled to lift her left hand. She couldn't see clearly because of the dim street lamp.

"Aha, why didn't you think of this when you dragged me just now?" Maynard sneered.

When Viola was about to refute, she accidentally touched the wound on her hand. It hurt so much that she took a deep breath. "It hurts..."

"Let me check it for you." Maynard walked to her and took out his cellphone. He turned on the light in the cellphone and began checking her wound.

When he saw two scratches outside her elbow, he handed her the phone and took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the dust off it for her.

Viola glared at him and said, "Can't you be gentle? It hurts."

"Since you are standing close to the fence, why didn't you think you would come here today?" Maynard sneered and helped her stand on his feet while starting his skill of mocking, "Now you know how painful it is?"

Being speechless, Viola tried to suppress her anger.

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