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   Chapter 232 How Can You Fight With Other People

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The message on the right corner was Maynard.

Viola tore the note back and forth until it couldn't be broken anymore. Then she went to the trash can and threw them all into the trash can.

She didn't take Maynard's words seriously.

When she was about to have breakfast, the phone in the living room rang. She waited for a while but found it was ringing again, and no one answered it.

After hesitating for a while, she walked to the phone and picked it up. "Hello, this is Chu's villa." she said

"Excuse me, where are Ann's parents?" The woman sounded uncertain.

A few seconds later, Viola replied in silence, "His father is not here. What happened?"

"…… I'm Ann's math teacher and head teacher. He got into a fight at school, so I want to invite the parents of both sides to have a talk. "

There was a slight change in Viola's facial expression, and she was not aware of her anxiety in her voice. "Okay, I understand, I'll be right there."

"Okay. Both parents should come." The teacher was worried and reminded her, then she hung up the phone in a hurry.

When she heard the teacher's last sentence, Viola suddenly stopped.

At the thought of her going to the Chu Group to deal with Maynard, she felt so embarrassed.

However, for Ann's sake

At the downstairs of the building, Viola hailed a taxi, stopped the taxi, and went to the office of the Chu Group. Just before she entered the office, she heard Maynard's voice, "come in."

A shiver went down her spine. Viola clenched her fists and summoned up the courage to push the door open and walk in.

"Why are you here?" A smile played at the corners of Maynard's narrow and long eyes. After taking a sip of the coffee, he said slowly.

"Yes, I have something important to tell you."

"…… If you are inviting me to... " Maynard looked at her slowly and said slowly, "I'm afraid you have to pay a price."

Viola's forehead drew a long and thin black line. She was so angry that her teeth were trembling. "What time is it now? You are still studying this!"

She was in no mood to argue with him. She strode towards the door and dragged him out.

"You haven't told me where you will take me


She saw bruises on Ann's white face. Next to him stood a boy who was even worse than Ann

Even so, she still felt very sorry for Ann.


She knocked on the door with patience.

"Come in, please." The female teacher who was talking with Ann and that boy raised her head.

Viola walked in followed by Mr. Chu.

"You are Ann's parents?" The female teacher fixed her eyes on Maynard's face and confirmed.

"We are his parents." With a mixed feeling of fury and joy on his face, Maynard asked, "How can you fight with other people?"

Ann glanced at Viola, looked away and kept silent.

When Viola was about to say something, Maynard's cell phone rang.

"You stay here and wait for me. I'm going out." Maynard frowned imperceptibly. He gave a glance at Viola and went out.

Viola wanted to touch the wound on Ann's face, however, she was afraid to hurt him. So she stopped her hand. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Ann ignored her.

The boy next to him, who had a black and blue face, stood up bravely. He said complacently, "He, as my mother said, is a shameless..."

Halfway through, Ann raised his fist at him with fury on his face, which was rare to see. "Shut up!"

Viola was almost taken aback when she saw that.

She grasped his fists and pulled him to one side. She was indignant and distressed, which could not be concealed on her face. "If you have anything to say, say it out. Don't get angry."

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