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   Chapter 231 I Will Teach You A Lesson

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Viola threw her phone aside and glared at him angrily. "Maynard, did you do it on purpose just now?"

"You can stay here with me and I'll entertain you. Is there any problem?" Maynard avoided the eye contact with her and avoided answering.

Viola was so angry that her chest was trembling. "Then I have to thank you for letting me completely lose contact with my fiance."

"You can use QQ if you can't get through." A smile appeared at Maynard's thin lips.

There was a long silence on the other side of the phone. A flame of anger was hidden in her seemingly friendly voice. "I don't need a QQ account."

"Then for what?" Maynard leaned on the sofa casually and pretended to ask in a casual tone.

Viola rolled her eyes at him. "It's wechat. What's wrong?"

"Wechat?" Maynard raised his eyebrows and took his cellphone out of the pocket of his suit.

Realizing something, she stopped immediately.

Maynard had a look at her and said meaningfully, "If you don't want to sleep with another people around, just tell me."

Taking the phone on the sofa, Viola opened the wechat app and sent it to him.

Maynard received it precisely. His sight rested on the screen of the cellphone for a moment, and soon returned it to her. "Well, you can ask the servant to open the door of the next room for you. You stay there tonight."

Without casting a glance at him, Viola opened the door and went out.

Viola went downstairs to look for the servant, but didn't find one.

She curled her lips, thinking that she would go to get even with Maynard if she was tricked.

Just then, the door was opened from outside.

"…… Miss Qi! What the hell! " The servant Miss Wu screamed, and all the fruit and vegetables in her hands fell to the ground.

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched slightly. She smiled and said, "I am not a ghost. My name is Mary Jing, from C City."

"…… Miss Jing? But you... " The servant Miss Wu raised her head confusedly. When she saw the mole on her forehead, she immediately changed her tone, "Miss Jing, are you brought here by Mr. Chu?"

A slight smile still appeared on Viola's face. "Yes, he asked me to live next door to him. Could you please open the door for me?"

"No problem. I'll help you open the

er she tore her hair into a chicken nest, she crawled over and picked up her phone.

She clicked in and found that Maynard sent her ten red envelopes containing money.

What the hell?

She paused her finger. She didn't want to reply to him, but she was curious about how much it was in every red envelope.

She continued to accept them all and found that each of the ten red packets cost 100.

Before she could come back to her senses, Maynard sent her a message with a plenty of sarcasm. "In the final analysis, you still love money."

Being speechless, Viola texted him back without blinking her eyes and replied, "five hundred? It is not enough to buy a phone!"

After that, she sent a message: insane.

Then Viola went to lock the door in the room and locked the window from inside.

Her eyes fell on the computer and the sound box on the table. After connecting them ferociously, she began to put on a strong beats, and also turned up the volume as much as she could.

So she decided to give up on sleeping and played online games on her computer.

The happy hours always passed quickly. She didn't know how many times she had played before she turned off the music and took a nap on the bed when she was sleepy.

The next morning, when she woke up, it was already eight o'clock in the morning. After she finished washing her face and rinsed her mouth, she opened the door and saw a note on the door. She took it off and read, "I'll teach you a lesson when I come back.".

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