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   Chapter 230 Do You Need Me To Sleep With You

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Updated: 2020-03-29 00:25

Being aware of her movements, Maynard quickly pressed her kicking leg with his sharp eyes and hands. With a faint smile on his face, he said, "Even if you refuse me, you shouldn't be so ferocious."

Viola drew back her leg and snorted calmly, "This is the consequence of you offending me."

"Okay." Maynard thought that it was enough to amuse her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her out of the bedroom.

Viola quickly got rid of him and spread out her fair right hand. Her face was still full of anger. "Return my luggage to me, return me, return me!"

"Are you a repeater or a point reading machine?" Maynard's eyes darkened. Sitting on the sofa, he said half jokingly and half seriously, "How much can I get it back?"

Viola took a deep breath and decided to ignore it. "All I want is my luggage. Can you understand me? "

"Of course." Maynard squinted and told her in a businesslike tone. "In that case, I think we need to make a deal."

A bad foreboding took over Viola, who asked, "What do you want?"

"If you stay in the villa and cook for me or have a chat with me, I will return the luggage to you."


Viola almost thought that she had heard it wrong. Only when she saw the serious expression on Maynard's face did she accept the fact. "Haha, please be clear. That's my luggage."

How did he hold her luggage and threaten her?

"Do you mean 'no'?" Maynard's narrow and long charming eyes raised slightly, while an unknown light flashed across his eyes.

A cold smile appeared on Viola's face. She gnashed her teeth and said word by word, "I don't agree."

Maynard stroked his smooth chin and said in a voice just right to the point of worry and regret, "Your ID card and household register are in your luggage. Do you know that?"

Without a second thought, Viola blurted out, "Of course they are."


She stared at him, wary.

As if being not noticed, Maynard laughed in a low voice. "In this age when ID cards are needed everywhere, you can't rent an apartment without an ID card or get married without an household register."

Viola couldn't move at all, as if she was stopped by him.

It took he

o help you take off your clothes?"

Like facing a formidable enemy, Viola pushed Maynard's face away with her left hand, which didn't take the cellphone immediately. "Shut up!"

"What are you doing, Mary?" The voice of Tony sounded alert on the phone.

As she struggled to get rid of Maynard, she explained to Tony over the phone, "Nothing..."

Hearing that, a faint smile appeared in Maynard's eyes. All of a sudden, he released her and turned around to sit on the sofa.

Viola was about to breathe a sigh of relief and explain to Tony——

"Honey, are you hungry?" Maynard's dreamy voice sounded. "By the way, you will be lonely if you're alone. Do you need me to sleep with you?"

A cold shiver ran down her spine.

It was too late for her to cover her phone when she noticed that it was still on the phone. At this moment, Tony roared angrily on the other end of the phone, "Mary, did you do something sorry to me behind me with other men?"

At that moment, Viola didn't consider that people on the other end couldn't see her. She hurriedly shook her head and said: "I do not!"

"Do you think I'm deaf?" Tony's anger did not abate but increased. "I heard it clearly just now. You disappointed me too much!"

The phone was hung up before she could say anything.

Viola's face changed. She immediately called back, only to find that she had been in the blacklist.

She looked at Maynard, her eyes gleaming with ferocity.

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