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   Chapter 229 Shower Why Don't We Bathe Together

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When she saw them fighting, Viola couldn't help but go up to stop them and then pulled Zarian.

"Go away!" Zarian pushed her away with great force.

It was an accident that Viola's nose was hit. She fell to the ground and her nose was bleeding

Maynard closed his fist and walked forward to help her stand up. Then he took out a handkerchief from his suit pocket and covered her wound with it.

"Do you think that Maynard is nice to you?" Zarian sneered expressionlessly. The previous tenderness was gone. "It's a pity that no matter how well he treats you, you are just a fake."

Viola was so painful that her face crumpled. She was not in the mood to take his words seriously at all.

The aura around Maynard oppressed him all of a sudden. He walked forward and grasped the collar of Zarian coldly. "Take back what you said a moment ago!"

"I can't take it back, because what I said is true." Zarian sneered.

Viola's eyes fell on both of them, and she quickly looked away, as if nothing had happened. "You guys go on."

She covered her nose with a handkerchief with her left hand and walked outside. She hailed a taxi with her right hand and got in, "Go to the hospital."

The car drove away, leaving the two people behind.

The blood stopped after treatment. Viola went into the bathroom to wash her face and then walked out.

Just at the entrance of the hospital, she saw Maynard coming towards her. She pretended not to see him and wanted to go around him.

Maynard extended his hand and grasped her arm. There was no emotion in his eyes. "You can stay at my house tonight," he said

Viola shook his hand off with all her might and felt amused. Then she laughed and said, "Mr. Chu, do I look like a person who will do whatever you say?"

Then, reluctant to talk to him, she walked outside.

At the same time, behind her came Maynard's unhurried voice. "I received a call from the staff of my plane, who told me that your luggage has been sent to my place."

Upon hearing what he had said, Viola stopped her step. She froze on her shoulder for a second and kept silent for three seconds. Then she felt ashamed and covered her face with her hands.

She then realized that she was too exhausted to pay attention to her luggage, as she had just sent Maynard home

She sighed helplessly, and then ran outside to hail a tax

ly, she dropped the vase to the ground.


The vase broke when it hit the wooden floor where there was no carpet.

Maynard didn't even blink from beginning to end. Viola casually picked up a painting hanging on the wall and said, "If you don't open the door, I'll tear it into pieces."

"Whatever." Maynard said with a poker face.

Viola was not in the mood for a while and threw it randomly on the ground. Sitting on the opposite sofa, she glanced at the bathroom and her eyes flashed.

She pointed at Maynard and raised her chin bravely. "I'm tired. Fill some water in the bathtub. I want to take a bath."

"Are you sure?" A light of sharpness flashed across Maynard's eyes, which was hard to capture.

Viola nodded.

Maynard walked in with a chuckle.

Viola tiptoed to the door and tried to lock him in the bathroom

"Reporter Qi, there is no water in the bathroom."

Hearing the voice, Viola stopped and felt extremely helpless.

She felt her head was aching. As soon as she walked into the bathroom and pressed by Maynard on the top of the porcelain container, she realized that she had been fooled. "Are you lying?" she asked

"Well, it's an eye for an eye," Maynard hit the nail on the head. "Don't you also want to trap me in the bathroom?"

What she really thought was revealed and there was no way she could refute it.

"How about we bathe together?" A crafty and evil smile appeared on Maynard's face, and he blew a puff in her ear maliciously.

Blue veins stood out on her forehead as she raised her foot to kick him

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