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   Chapter 227 Daddy, Do You Want To Flirt With Other Women

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Then Viola dragged him out of the plane, forgetting to take her luggage.

However, Viola was totally unaware of this. When she got off the plane, she looked helplessly at the taxi by the roadside. She waved her hands several times, but the taxi still didn't stop.

When she was at a loss, she saw three women walking out from behind the commercial street. She waved her hand and shouted out one of them, "Yesenia!"

Hearing that, Yesenia stopped her footsteps, while her face looked disgusted and her eyes were operated slightly. After seeing Maynard, she walked in a little hurry in eight centimeter high heels.

"Why does Maynard drink like this?" "As his lover, don't you know to be more close to him?"

Glancing at her from head to toe, Viola smiled and explained, "I don't know him, but he seems to have mistaken someone else for him. I heard on TV that you are a perfect match."

Hearing her lackey's words and looking at her mole on her forehead, Yesenia felt much better.

"You look like a bitch." Speaking of that, Yesenia's eyes were fixed on her, as if to read every subtle expression on her face.

Touching her face, Viola said in a serious tone, "Really? I had a plastic surgery, but I failed. Your boyfriend is drunk. Shouldn't you send him home now? "

Hearing her words, Yesenia's eyes shone with surprise, forgetting all the confusions in her mind. She walked over to help Maynard stand up and said, "All right. You can leave now."

That was exactly what Viola had been waiting for. She let go of her hands reluctantly and turned around, intending to leave. As soon as she was about to leave, Maynard pulled away from Yesenia and hugged Viola from behind.

"…… You said you would drive me back to the villa... " Maynard leaned against her back. To his surprise, his magnetic voice sounded a bit aggrieved.

Viola ignored his words and tried hard to get rid of his hand, but she failed again and again. She had to compromise because she was really exhausted. "Where is your villa?"

After asking about the address, Viola got on the car with Maynard naturally. She didn't care about whether Yesenia was mad or not from beginning to en

son, who had never been kind to him, with a gloomy face, as if warning was in his eyes.

Viola followed Ann into a room which was a little quiet. She closed the door behind them.

She sat down on the sofa opposite to Ann. Clearing her throat, she said with difficulty, "Why did you call me up? Do you have something to say to me?"

"I don't know your current relationship with my father." Ann paused and continued, "But what's your purpose in approaching him, who has nothing but money and face?"

Being nervous and quiet when she heard the first half sentence, Viola thought Ann couldn't change his malevolence nature any more.

She gave a wry smile and said, "I don't know what you are talking about. You saw it with your own eyes that day. It was he who stirred up trouble for me."

"So, a beautiful woman like you is really stupid to fall into his arms?" Ann mocked her mercilessly.

A bad premonition arose in an instant as her eyelids twitched. Then, she bit the bullet and said, "I think you must have misunderstood. I don't mean that."

"That stupid woman of my mommy passed away because of him. So did my unborn brother or sister." Ann sat on the sofa, looking rather childish yet ruthless. "If you have to be stubborn, you will follow the same old path."

Upon hearing this, Viola's heart skipped a beat. She pretended to be innocent and twisted her head, "Sorry, I really don't understand what you are talking about."

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