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   Chapter 225 A Close Friend Why Is It A Man

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As if aware of her presence, Maynard raised his head and looked at her exactly.

Viola was panicked. She rushed downstairs, opened the door and rushed out, pushing him angrily, "Get out of here!"

She asked him to stand here for the whole night. He really stood there?

Was he crazy!

"I have done what you said. Reporter Qi, keep your word." Maynard's eyes darkened, his face was still listless.

After hesitating for two seconds, Viola folded her arms across her chest and tilted her head intentionally, pretending to be confused. "I did say that, but you can't prove that you really stood up for one night."

Maynard giggled as if he was well prepared, and he tipped a bodyguard a wink.

The bodyguard immediately handed the phone to her, which confused her.

"This is the video we recorded last night. It lasted about ten hours and its internal storage is full." The bodyguard explained with a straight face.

As if facing a formidable enemy, Viola waved her hand hurriedly. "I don't want to see it. I'm going back to A City. I'm just going back."

It would kill her to watch a video of ten hours?

"That's a deal." Maynard opened his arms and held her in his arms. He buried his head on her shoulder, without moving.

Feeling strange, she tried to get rid of him but he held her too tight, so she couldn't move at all.

She heard the breath in her ear and got angry. She looked at the bodyguards and said, "Hey, what's wrong with him?"

"He must be exhausted after a whole night." There was a flash of embarrassment on Bodyguard No. 2's face.

With her eyes wide open, Viola forced a smile and said, "Then do you have to send him back?"

She struggled with all her strength, but she still couldn't get rid of him.

"Mrs. Chu, you have seen the situation of Mr. Chu. I am afraid he will need your care. We are very relieved to have you around."

Bodyguard No. 1 said what all the bodyguards on site thought. Before she knew it, they all ran away in a blink of an eye.

Viola's hand hung in the air awkwardly.

As soon as they left, the ground became open. Looking at Maynard, who was leaning against her body, a sense of powerlessness came to her.

When she was at a loss, two male neighbors passed her. She sh

riedly held his arm and said with an awkward smile, "My best friend is in the bedroom and she is taking a shower."

Tony was dubious.

"Honey, give me a bath towel." A low magnetic male voice came out from inside.

His words sent a chill down her spine. There were only two words in her mind: I'm doomed!

"You say your best friend?" Tony was in a rage. He pointed at the closed door and asked, "Why is it a man?"

Viola stepped back to keep a distance from Tony. "He is my best male friend," she said in an uncertain tone

Hearing this, Tony kicked the door and shouted, "Don't lie to me! There is no pure friendship between a man and a woman! "

Viola stepped forward, grabbed his arm and said, "Yes, you are right. If I really have an affair, what do you want to do?"

"You have a crush on him, and I'll beat him up!" Tony stared at the door with a murderous look, as if he wanted to kill the people inside.

On the other hand, Viola felt relieved. She let go of Tony's hand and said, "Go ahead."

At the moment, the door of the bathroom was opened. The lower part of Maynard's body was wrapped in a bath towel. Water drops were sliding down from his strong chest and the standard eight pack abs of his abdomen.

At the sight of his fine muscles, Tony stared at Viola strangely. "Mary, I trust you very much, but he did something bad on you. I'm worried about you."

With a wry smile, Viola said, "Isn't that too much?"

"What he said is true." Maynard admitted frankly.

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