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   Chapter 219 What Do You Need

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With a fake smile on her face, Mary lowered her head and acted as if she didn't see anything.

"Grandma, is she a good girl?" Tony snitched on Mary with a cold face.

Old Lady Shi pulled a long face and pulled Mary behind her. "I think you are the one who can't stand this. Mary is in poor health. Don't be angry with her."

Mary had a defiant smile on her face. The unrelenting Tony pulled out a chair and sat down nearby.

A voice came through from a distance all of a sudden. Mary raised her head and saw Maynard walked in. Thinking of what had happened yesterday, she could not help but feel scared.

She put on a polite smile, "Sir, what can I do for you?"

"You." Maynard said with a meaningful look at her.

The corners of Mary's mouth twitched, and she still politely said, "Sorry, I don't sell you people alive."

If it weren't for the milk tea, he could really leave now.

I come to drink milk tea. What do you have to recommend? " Maynard approached her and touched her face with his slender hand.

Mary took a step back quickly and was about to throw the menu to him when Old Lady Shi grabbed her hand.

"Tony, a guest is coming." Old Lady Shi gave Tony a look, and then looked at Mary tenderly, "Mary, let's go upstairs."

Mary couldn't help nodding her head.

When they came upstairs, Mary closed the door and helped Old Lady Shi sit down on the sofa. She asked worriedly, "Can Tony really make the milk tea by himself?"

"Don't worry. My grandson is very good at dealing with those people who have an ulterior motive." The more Old Lady Shi looked at her, the more she liked her, as she held her hand and made Mary sit beside her.

Mary smiled back and poured a glass of water for her.

"Mary, listen to me. People like that must stay far away from us. It is obvious that rich people like us want to have sex with women," Old Lady Shi patted her on the hand. Then she seemed to think of something and hastened to clarify, "Of course, Tony has no guts to do that."

Although she looked very serious, she was actually trying hard not to laugh and nodded.

"Oh no!"

Tony sneezed, folded his hands over his chest, and looked up and dow

ge on me."

Mary was confused. She stepped back and stared at him warily.

"Enough!" Tony stood in front of her and protected her from being hurt. He said in a mocking tone, "Maynard, so far, my fiancee doesn't know you."

Mary nodded immediately. With a cold look on her face, she pointed at the gate and said, "Sir, please leave. See you off."

Maynard took his cellphone out of his suit pocket and had a look at it. Then he sat down on a chair in a leisure manner. "I'm going to meet an important person here. My cellphone is out of power, so I have to wait here," he said

Mary almost went mad. Luckily, she calmed down very soon. She smiled and said, "With all due respect, you may go somewhere else to charge your phone and contact the other people."

"No, I don't want to go. I can see him directly when I wait for him here." Maynard rejected coldly.

Mary cast a glance at Tony for help. Tony shrugged his shoulders and looked helpless.

She didn't know what to do. When she was about to sit down, an idea flashed in her mind. She ran quickly upstairs. When she came down again, she held the power bank and the data line in her hand.

She immediately put it on the table in front of him and raised her chin. "I'll give you these two things. You can go wherever you want to go with your friend. Hurry up and go."

While saying, she waved her hand in a hurry, as if it would be troublesome for her to take one more look at it.

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