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   Chapter 217 Scratch Her Face

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But then something occurred to her and her eyes grew resolute in an instant. Viola forcefully suppressed the fear in her heart and walked up to the deck of the fishing boat.

Just as she arrived, Vivi and a man with across face scars were coming out of the room.

Shock was plain on her face when Viola saw Vivi. She couldn't help asking, "You did all."

"That's right." Hearing that, Vivi giggled, with an expression of complacency on her face, without concealing her joy. She said, "It was lucky that you and your son were on the side of the road that night due to the rainstorm. Otherwise, how could I know that you have a son?"

"I'll kidnap all her children. Honey, how about you have a baby with me?" The scar man took a bite on Vivi's lips with a straight face.

"You're annoying." With a gasp, Vivi punctured his chest with her finger.

Looking at the two men who seemed to have sex at any time and anywhere, Viola had goose bumps.

She looked behind them and said unhappily, "I've aborted the child as you requested. Give me my son!"

Vivi slapped the man's hand off. Under the man's dissatisfied face, she winked at him. "Jack Wu, drag her son out."


Then Jack Wu got into the cabin unwillingly.

It didn't take long for Jack Wu to get out of the room with Ann whose hands tied and mouth stuffed with a piece of cloth.

"Hurry up!" Jack Wu gave Ann a hard push.

Ann stumbled. He almost fell down to the ground. His face was black and blue. Viola ran to him and held him immediately.

As she pulled the cloth out of his mouth and checked if he was injured, she asked anxiously, "Ann, how are you? Anything wrong?"

"Who told you to come here?" Ann interrupted her with a straight face, "Run!"

A lump came into Viola's throat as she held him tightly, "No, I'm Mommy, I should protect you."

A crisp and loud slap sounded on the ship.

"What a good mother son love!" Vivi stopped clapping and looked at them coldly, her face full of envy and jealousy. "None of you can leave today. I will let all of you die in the sea!"

With her expression changed, Viola pulled Ann behind her and said, "You can't break your promise!"

"Yes!" "Before that woman and her child died, Jack Wu, cut

ay, she had an affair with Zarian."

Biting her lips, Viola stood up when she saw Vivi look at Maynard. Then she ran to the back cabin with Ann

"They run away!" Jack Wu, who was hiding in the corner, ran after them in a hurry.

Viola stood in front of Ann to protect him and grabbed his hand when Jack Wu rushed over.

As if aware of something, Maynard felt a pain in his eyes, and an unprecedented great despair and panic surged over his heart. "Viola!"

Holding Jack Wu tightly, Viola dragged him into the sea.

"Mommy!" Ann caught up and stretched out his hand, but only to touch a piece of water.

Fresh blood was floating in the blue water.

Maynard heard the sound and looked to the direction of the voice. When he saw the face that was exactly the same as the one he had seen when he had been a child and now the face that was carved in exactly the same style as his, he seemed to understand something and recklessly jumped into the sea

However, when Vivi was caught, looking at the man who was looking for Viola in the sea like a madman, she laughed and almost burst into tears. "Maynard, if you dare to use me as a tool to annoy Viola, I will let her completely disappear from the world!"

Ann's eyes turned red without any expression. He kicked on her chest and said, "She is under my cover. If you dare to hurt her, I will not let you go!"

He stared at the man who was related to him by blood. There was coldness in his eyes which didn't match his age.

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