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   Chapter 210 What Did It Mean To Never Get Rid Of Him

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Coming out with a cup of steaming coffee, Viola jabbered on the door of the office and pushed it open


When she came in, the gift box on the sofa was gone!

To her great surprise——

"Reporter Qi, is this your gift?" Maynard frowned at the sight of the silver laptop in his hand. "It's so ugly," he said

Viola grabbed the computer she bought and the gift box thrown on the floor

After a long pause, she put the coffee on the table and strode towards him. "I'm not here for you. Give me back now!"

Before Viola could touch the computer, Maynard raised his hand. She jumped up to grab it, but she failed.

"You have posted a bunch of things outside. Do you still want to give it to others?" Maynard said, pointing to the tags with cartoon characters on it.

Covering her chest which seemed to have been stabbed by a long spear, Viola clenched her teeth and said, "That's Natsume and the cat, not messy things!"

Maynard stared at her for a long time. Sitting on the chair, he announced expressionlessly, "It's mine now."

Taking a long breath, Viola restrained her fury that was about to burst out in her heart, "What are you talking about? You already have one!"

Didn't he have a conscience to ask for two computers all by himself?

"Really?" Hearing that, a faint smile played at the corners of Maynard's narrow eyes, which looked treacherous. He made a phone call as soon as the phone was answered. "Julie, come in please."

Viola looked at the new laptop on his desk and the one she was going to give to him in resentment.

Julie knocked on the door and pushed it open. She crossed her hands on her abdomen and said, "Mr. Chu?"

"I give it to you." Maynard put the black notebook outside in an indifferent manner.

Julie was flattered and took the computer in her arms with her trembling hands.

"You may leave now." Maynard winked at her.

Julie nodded and ran out with her computer like a hunter.

"Why did you give her the computer Vivi gave to you?" asked Viola, her mouth agape in shock

Is this different from cash? There was no difference!

"Then you won't be jealous." Maynard pushed aside the chair and walked into her. He curled a strand of hair around her cheek to the back of her ear with his slender finger.

On hearing wh

hat I can't live without him? I'm not that kind of person at all!"

She roared them with all her strength. At the moment, she wanted to kill Maynard!

In the evening, when Viola returned to the villa and saw Maynard having dinner, she ran over and took the chopsticks from him.

"Stop it." Maynard raised his eyes to look at her.

With her mouth twitching, Viola threw the chopsticks on the table and grabbed his two centimeter wide silver tie. "Tell me, why did you say that on TV?"

Her eyes were burning with fury when she thought of the scene!

"I'm just telling the truth," With an emotionless face, Maynard comforted her, "You don't have to be shy."

Viola was very angry and anxious. She suddenly released her hand and spread out her right hand. "Bring the computer. I'm going to tear up the tags."

"No way!" Maynard rejected bluntly. "That's mine."

Viola chuckled as she went upstairs and searched in the study.

She searched everywhere she could find, but found nothing.

She was about to collapse. Feeling a gust of wind under her feet, she ran downstairs. "Maynard, where do you put?"

"The safe," Maynard told her bluntly.

A cunning smile flitted across Viola's face. She asked, "Mr. Chu, what's your birthday?"

"October 9th." Maynard wiped his mouth with a napkin and said unhurriedly.

In an instant, Viola turned her back on him, rushed upstairs to the safe and put in Maynard's birthday date in it.

For a moment, the whole villa was surrounded by deafening alarm sounds.

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