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   Chapter 204 She Will Stay Here Tonight

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 7287

Updated: 2020-03-23 00:02

With the heart throbbing in her throat, Viola finally felt relieved.

She sat on the sofa and took out her phone to search online. But there was nothing there. She patted her forehead and suddenly realized that she had put her phone in the room.

Sitting alone, Viola felt bored. Not reconciled to the fact, she curled her lips and said, "Mr. Chu, Sandra went too far this time. She shouldn't meddle in our business."

What responded to her was the sound of fingers typing on the keyboard.

She turned her head to look ahead, seeing that Maynard's eyes were fixed on the screen, unmoved by what she had said.

She felt instantly unbalanced, rolled her clear eyes, and ran to Maynard. She stretched her right hand to grab the computer in his hand.

"Stop it." Maynard frowned and slapped her hand away.

Swiftly dodging, Viola was about to proudly show off, but she accidentally knocked over the cup beside the table

At the sight of that, both Viola and Maynard changed the expressions on their faces!

The coffee in the cup was spilled on the black laptop and some of them spread out and fell on the ground along the table

His laptop screen went dark all of a sudden.

The smile on Viola's face froze all of a sudden. In a panic, she ran to the coffee table and took some tissue to wipe the water stains off the computer keyboard


Maynard was about to slap her hand away.

The words of an apology were silenced by the tip of her tongue.

"Fuck off!" Maynard stood up. His eyes were as gloomy as water, and his cold thin lips pressed in a straight line.

With a tremble of her heart, Viola cried, "I'll go. It's not a big deal!"

She turned her eyes away, bit her lips, struggled to run out of the study, returned to the room, grabbed her bag and mobile phone, and rushed downstairs

There were only three or two passers-by passed by her side on the cold and quiet street. She walked around like a ghost with red eyes as if she couldn't feel anything.

She looked up at the slightly white sky, and a sense of loneliness welled up in her heart.


A bright and dazzling light came from behind her, and at the same time, the soun


"Daddy, daddy, where are we going..."

Viola's phone was ringing inside her handbag.

She unzipped her bag, fumbled in it for a while and then took the bag out. When she saw that the screen was displaying "Maynard", she could not help but think of Maynard's extremely bad attitude.

She flipped her finger and refused to take it.

When she was about to put it down, the second call was from the same number. She took the time to turn off the phone.

"What's wrong?" Jina noticed her abnormality and looked worried.

A little surprised, Viola smiled, "Nothing."

She put her phone back to her bag, as if nothing had happened.

"I don't know what happened to you. But I think it's better to be broad-minded." Jina patted Viola on her shoulder.

Being a little surprised, Viola lowered her eyes. Her long curly eyelashes slightly trembled like the wings of a butterfly. Soon she grinned and said, "Well, I know."

"That's good." Jina reached out and tucked a wisp of hair behind Viola's ear. She said in a tone of regret, "Tell me, why can't I have a daughter like you?"

With an embarrassed smile on her face and hesitation for two seconds, Viola spoke in an uncertain tone, "Although you don't have a daughter, it is a good thing to have a good son Chol."

At the mention of Jina, she put on a disdainful look. "What's good about that? Gossip with this one or another."

Viola smiled bitterly and didn't know what to say.

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