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   Chapter 191 Committed The Crime Of Bigamy

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Viola put on a perfect smile, and there was a trace of regret in her eyes, "We are waiting for our child's father to come and have dinner together. He often works overtime, so we all eat and wait."

The little girl next to her nodded her head repeatedly.

The middle-aged female clerk looked at the two for a while in half belief. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with their faces, she left as if nothing had happened.

Viola patted her breast to calm down and picked up her cell phone that had been hung up. "How is it? Will your dad come or not?"

"I don't know. Daddy hung up the phone as soon as I told him the address." The little girl's innocent face was entangled, and her slender fingers were holding each other unconsciously.

Putting her hands together, Viola prayed, "I hope your dad can come..."

It had been one hour, two hours and half an hour. Viola had been waiting for Maynard for a long time, but he was still nowhere to be seen.

"Lady, the door of our restaurant will be closed in less than an hour..." The man with mustache walked over and glanced at the clock on the wall. "Will your partner really come?"

Being flustered, Viola moved her body a little away from them out of instinct. She put on a flattering smile and said, " Well, how to say... "

"Boss, I am her husband!"

"Boss, I'm her husband!"

Just as she was trying to find out the appropriate wording, the two different voices sounded in the same time, different from each other.

Hearing the sound, she turned her head to look at the direction of the sound. She saw that Maynard walked in through the door on the left, and Chol went downstairs too.

Viola was so shocked that she didn't know where to put her hand, and accidentally touched the chopsticks on the table and they fell to the ground.

The boss of the restaurant and the other staff didn't come to their senses until they heard the sound of chopsticks falling on the ground.

Maynard and Chol stood in front of her at the same time. Two tall and slender figures were covered on her, giving people a sense of fear that they would be swallowed up at any time.

With a panic in her eyes, Viola immediately covered her face with her hand.

But they didn't know that the more the

se, Viola had a bad feeling immediately.

"Is it forged?" With his eyes wide open, the owner of the restaurant looked at the two people in the marriage license, and then looked at the man and the woman in front of him. He suddenly couldn't make a decision.

"Can he also show us the marriage certificate?" The boss of the restaurant narrowed his eyes which seemed to be a little shrewd, and then he pointed to Chol next to him who seemed to be watching a drama.

Viola felt her heart skipped a beat, and her face was full of smile, "Hahaha, you are so humorous, you know how to joke."

Maynard frowned imperceptibly, and his face turned gloomy. All of a sudden, he became unhappy.

"It doesn't matter..." The owner of the restaurant looked at them for a long time and said, "I just want to know if he can take it out."

Before Chol could say anything, Viola shook her head impatiently and said, "We have nothing to do with each other. How could he take out the certificate?"

When hearing what she said, Chol almost choked and stared at her for two seconds. Then, he nodded his head slightly, with a look of disappointment at her failure. "Yes, yes, you are right. I don't have."

The boss of the restaurant had a delicate look on his face. He shook his head and said in a sad tone.

Unlike them, Viola heaved a sigh of relief.

"I didn't expect someone to slander my woman." Maynard sneered at him in a casual manner, and slowly unfastened the two buttons at the top of his Adam's apple.

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